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50% SLASH IN DATA COST: Nigerians Say Pantami Either Gullible or a Liar

50% SLASH IN DATA COST: Nigerians Say Pantami Either Gullible or a Liar

Nigerians on Thursday swiftly reacted to the claim by the federal government that the price of data had been reduced by more than 50 percent, saying it was not true in any way and expressing disappointment that a minister would make announcements on what he has not verified.

The minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Ibrahim Pantami, announced in a press statement issued by his technical assistant, Femi Adeluyi, on  Thursday in Abuja that the price of data of 1GB had been reduced from N1000 to N487, beginning from last November. He claimed this happened after he had given a directive that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) should put in place measures to that effect.

But telecom subscribers in Nigeria have called out the minister on his claim, saying they still buy 1GB of data for N1000.

Most of the subscribers who reacted to Pantami’s claim published by Nigerian Sketch said the minister must have been misinformed or he was just telling outright lies.

“Well, I have not noticed any reduction in the price of data. In fact I have noticed that the bonus I used to get have been stopped”, said Engr. Nuradeen T. Babangida.

“This is some kind of joke from the minister who I realize has some sense of humour. He may only be making some jest”, said John Nwabu from Anambra State.

Ade Akinola said “I pity some of our government functionaries who stay in Abuja and issues careless statements that do not represent the truth. Is it so difficult for the minister to find out if the directive has been carried out by the telecom companies before he came out to take false claims? This is disappointing really.”

Many others called the minister unprintable names, saying he was reckless and gullible, and warning that he should not toy with the emotions of Nigerians.


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