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Abduljabbar Retracts, Seeks Forgiveness over Alleged Blasphemous Utterances

Abduljabbar Retracts, Seeks Forgiveness over Alleged Blasphemous Utterances

Abduljjabbar Nasiru Kabara, the preacher whose utterances Islamic scholars in Kano State said were blasphemous, has abjured his hitherto position, recanted on the utterances in question and sought to be forgiven for his mistakes.

The preacher drew the ire of most orthodox Muslims for what was termed his disrespectful interpretation of prophetic traditions, and the government of Kano state barred him from further preaching and stopped the media from further broadcasting his teachings.

On Saturday, the preacher met with a few other scholars in a debate arena at the state Shariah commission premises, where he refused to answer the questions put to him on some of his previous utterances.

The meeting had been delayed when state government earlier said it had suspended it in preference for the prosecution the the preacher.

Abdujabbar was, on Saturday, required to provide authorities for his claims but he could not. The debate ended controversially as he said he was not given adequate time. He also complained that he was not asked the questions he expected to be asked, saying the meeting was skewed against him.

In a sudden twist on Sunday, Abduljabbar released two audio clips, the first of which sought to justify his inability to live up to expectation, claiming that he was misunderstood and the second seeking to be unconditionally forgiven for his transgressions.

He asked Muslims and lovers of the Prophet to be rest assured that he had withdrawn what he earlier said about the Prophet, saying he sought for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy.


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