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Anthony Joshua to face Deontay Wilder after Helenius clash

Anthony Joshua to face Deontay Wilder after Helenius clash

The boxing world is abuzz with anticipation as Anthony Joshua prepares to face off against Deontay Wilder after his clash with Robert Helenius.

Joshua defeated Robert Helenius in a seventh-round knockout to get a huge boost ahead of his fight with Deontay Wilder in Saudi Arabia next year.

Helenius dragged the match to the seventh round before Joshua won through a Knock Out.

Hopes of seeing the Nigerian-born British boxer reclaim his lost heavyweight boxing titles against Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk was dashed after he lost to the Ukrainian in August 2022.

However, this highly anticipated match-up has captured the attention of fans and experts alike, and is set to be a historic event in the world of professional boxing.

The stage appears set for a thrilling encounter between two of the most formidable heavyweights in the sport. Anthony Joshua, known for his impressive record and powerful punches, has established himself as one of the top fighters in the division.

On the other hand, Deontay Wilder brings his own unique set of skills and accomplishments to the ring. The American boxer boasts an impressive knockout record.

Wilder’s explosive punching power and unorthodox style have earned him a reputation as one of the most dangerous heavyweights in recent memory.

Anthony Joshua will box Deontay Wilder in 2024, whether he wins his next fight or not, says the American’s trainer Malik Scott.

Joshua is on course for a January showdown with Wilder, a former heavyweight champion like himself, after his contest with late-notice replacement Robert Helenius this weekend.

Scott, who is Wilder’s trainer, revealed the fight with Joshua is “locked in” for January. He also believes it should happen regardless of whether Joshua wins or loses to Helenius.

“I think they both should be in the ring with each other regardless,” Scott told Sky Sports News. “Performance-wise, win or lose, to me Deontay Wilder and AJ should be in a boxing ring together. It should happen.

“It would be a true tragedy if we get the Riddick Bowe-Lennox Lewis [who never fought] effect with Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

“Them two deserve to be in a ring with each other.”

He also hopes for Wilder to secure an interim fight in October before boxing Joshua next year.

“The January thing is locked in, as locked in as it’s going to be,” Scott said.

“In the boxing world nothing to me is done until it’s actually over. That’s my personal opinion. But the high [level] talk, the deal is almost done.”

Helenius is a late-notice replacement for Dillian Whyte after the latter returned an adverse anti-doping finding. The Finn is also a former sparring partner of Joshua’s.

Yet, when speaking to Sky Sports News, Joshua professed to feeling “nervous”.

“I want to do a good job,” he explained. “I block out everyone’s expectations and opinions, just do my job. That’s all that matters.

“We’re going to war, we’re going to fight,” Joshua added. “This is just another stepping stone to greatness.”


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