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APC presidential ticket alongside the aura and ambiance of Ahmed

APC presidential ticket alongside the aura and ambiance of Ahmed

With the emergence of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as the presidential flag bearer of the PDP, the ruling APC has been pushed to the crossroads, in which it would be compulsorily compelled to take a crucial decision, with the likelihood of having some far-reaching consequences.

Yes, far-reaching consequences because, as the ruling party, their action or inaction, would have an extraordinary influence on a lot of people, and affect a great number of things, in and out of Nigeria.

The Buhari administration is an administration that came to power through a process that is out of the common. Three decades after leaving the Presidential palace as a military Head of State that took power through the bullet, Buhari came back as the first Nigerian to oust a sitting president through the ballot, in what puts him in charge of Africa’s biggest economy, and one of the most turbulent democracies in the world.

On assuming office, the government made a number of promises that include the entrenchment of accountability mechanism among MDAs, audit of government workers to weed out ghost workers, reduction of cost of the governance through stringent spending and the presentation of a national plan to fight corruption.

With such an antecedent, which cannot be said to have been implemented to full satisfaction, for reasons that may take more space than is provided for this short article, the administration must be conscious of the consequences, and extent of the problems that may subsequently succeed it. Hence, the need to have a successor with the aura and ambiance that can cushion the anger of the people, whose expectations have not been fully met, and assure them of a future that would be well heeled.

From what I have seen, amongst the people that have so far put themselves forward for the coveted seat, the Senate President, Distinguish Senator Ahmed Lawan, is the one that comes close to meeting such a yearning. And I have my reasons.

In the first place, I don’t like him because of his disposition. I see Senator Ahmed Lawan as a person that can easily get angry, with poor sense of humour, and one whose mood and displayed character can combine to give him the confidence to treat others with contempt. But that is my personal assessment. Some people see me poorer, but because I am lower in status and standard, saying I am less good or desirable, is absolutely inconsequential. That is the importance of being unimportant.

But Senator Ahmed Lawan is important, very important. As a matter of fact, he had once extended an invitation to me to come on board in the management of his media machinery. I turned down the request for reasons that are personal to me. Yet, I feel, given the circumstances APC finds itself now, vis a vis the quick-witted action of the PDP, in choosing Atiku for President, it would be extremely risky, and outrightly foolhardy for it to pair him with anybody other than Ahmed Lawan now.

It is a chess game, whose objective is to checkmate, including with the use of tactics or techniques that could threaten with inescapable capture, the opponent’s king. The PDP had made Atiku the king, and the APC, must not only strive to capture the king, but make arrangements to cage him safely. Had things happened differently, and no matter what, Ahmed would not be my first choice.

A quick search on him in google gave the following: Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan (born 12 January 1959) is a Nigerian politician and professor, who serves as the President of the Senate of Nigeria. He represents the Yobe North Senatorial District in the Senate as a member of the All Progressive Congress. A University lecturer from Gashua, Lawan was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1999, to represent the Bade/Jakusko Constituency as a member of the APC. Lawan was re-elected in 2003, before successfully running to become Yobe North Senator in 2007. After being re-elected in 2011, 2015, and 2019 (as a member of the APC, successor to the ANPP), Lawan was elected the new Senate President with 79 votes cast to beat Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume with 28 votes, after the inauguration of the 9th National Assembly in 2019. It was his second attempt at becoming Senate President, with a notable failed run in 2015.

I find curious, the notable failed run in 2015, and those familiar with the political events know it was due to the indifference of PMB at that time. The President made the mistake of putting a nonchalant attitude, in who becomes the Senate President of the 8th Assembly. In the end, his regime was frustrated and nearly humiliated in the execution of key promises, including the fight against corruption, which formed the bedrock of the administration’s thrust.

Again, looking at his antecedents, among all the aspirants available, Lawan seems to be the only one that has not held, or is holding any position with access to security vote, which, in the eyes of many people, including yours truly, is the biggest conduit for corruption, because of the lack of accountability in how the funds are disbursed. Lawan was a teacher, mutated to a legislator, and from available records, he has stayed clear of visible scandals.

Also, even if you don’t like his displayed mood, like I don’t, which may be mistaken for bad disposition, you must admit that Ahmed has the aura, and the ambiance of a no-nonsense leader.

So, when faced with clumsy circumstances, and you want to win, set sentiments aside, and choose the best among the worst.


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