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Arewa group says state governors pocket more money but do little

Arewa group says state governors pocket more money but do little

Arewa Economic Forum (AEF) has said states are doing little to reduce suffering despite increase in allocations after fuel subsidy removal.

Chairman, Ibrahim Dandakata, on Thursday told the media in Abuja that a check showed some states had their allocations increased by 90 per cent.

Dandakata noted that the increase is huge with little or no impact on the people.

He called on President Bola Tinubu to reverse removal of fuel subsidy, as he lamented the hardship Nigerians face.

The forum, which also spoke on the forex crisis, said the federal government must arrest fall of the naira.

Noting that dollar is not a legal tender in Nigeria, Dandakata urged the government to ban the keeping of dollars at home or in offices, and clampdown on hoarders of the currency.

He noted government should probe why dollars go up after every FAAC meeting.

“Government should stop the payment for goods and services online in dollars. Everything must be in naira.

“If we don’t stop our obsession with the dollar, our naira will never rise”.

Speaking on agriculture, he noted states are not doing enough in irrigation and provision of land for farming.

“States have to do better. Federal government should stress semi-mechanised farming which creates jobs …”

On mining, he said the sector is on the exclusive list as federal government has the powers, but the present administration is yet to come up with plan on artisanal mining- an untapped area for real, massive jobs.

The Arewa chair, who spoke on education, said the country should focus on teaching young ones hard and soft skills to give them real sustenance.


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