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AREWA MU FARKA: Aisha Buhari’s New Slogan against PMB’s Government

AREWA MU FARKA: Aisha Buhari’s New Slogan against PMB’s Government

Amidst allegations that she was nursing political ambitions against 2023, wife of Nigeria’s president, Aisha Buhari, has been identifying with those who see her husband’s government as incapable on delivering on good governance.

She was particularly critical of the failures of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government in the area of security.

Aisha, on Saturday, tweeted #Achechijamaa, indicating that Nigerians must be salvaged, and tacitly showing, by posting video slide of the president in various meetings with security chiefs, that the president was engaging in showy meetings that have no significance.

She however came back on Sunday with another hashtag via her Twitter handle to further her campaign on insecurity in the country, this time posting #ArewaMufarka, alongside two video slides and one picture of five persons with the placards reading “EndInsecurityNow; EndBanditryNow; AllLivesMatters”.

‘Arewa Mu Farka’ is translated to mean ‘Let the North Wake Up.’

The video also has a soundtrack calling for help.

Those close to the government have continued to berate the president’s wife for what they see as her confrontational disposition towards her husband, while many others see her as a fearless woman with independent mind and a disposition towards voicing out what she believed in.


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