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BAD GOVERNANCE: Sheikh Pantami as Insincere as Bishop Kukah, Says US-Based Analyst

BAD GOVERNANCE: Sheikh Pantami as Insincere as Bishop Kukah, Says US-Based Analyst

A Nigerian academic based in the United States, Farooq Kperogi, has condemned the way Nigerian elites have refused to have a common Nigerian purpose over which they will converge to achieve a more focused country.

Kperogi drew a parallel between the Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Mathew Hassan Kukah and Nigeria’s minister of Communication, Sheikh Dr. Ali Isa Pantami, both critics of Nigerian governments at different times.

The teacher of new media implied that it was not patriotic or sincere for Kukah to be quiet during the administration of former president, Goodluck Jonathan (a Christian), only for him to become agitated during the administration of Muhammadu Buhari (a Muslim), the same way it was condemnable for Pantami to be critical of Jonathan and tolerant of Buhari.

Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah, BAD GOVERNANCE, Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami, Insincere, Farooq Kperogi
Bishop Kukah

After coming down on Kukah for what he called his hypocritical stance, Kperogi said of Pantami: “My good friend is now the object of Twitter attacks by young educated northerners who remind him that his cold detachment from the horrors that afflict northern Muslims today is such a disconcerting contrast from his erstwhile persistent, shrill, and lachrymose attacks on former President Goodluck Jonathan from his pulpit.

“In a widely circulated audio tape, he tearfully told Jonathan that, as president and commander-in-chief, he should take responsibility for the daily mass murders of Muslims in the North.

“Today, more Northern Muslims are dying and being violently kidnapped than at any time in Nigeria’s entire history, but Sheikh Pantami hasn’t placed the blame for this on Buhari in whose government he served as DG of NITDA and serves as minister of Communication and Digital Economy.

“Like Kukah, Pantami’s criticism of Jonathan wasn’t disinterested; it was self-interested. Although they have a right to their religiously tinged selective outrage against governments, those of us whose chronicling and censures of missteps in governance isn’t animated by partisan or primordial impulses also have an obligation to call them out”, Kperogi wrote in a weekly column.


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  1. With what going on in the country now Imagining it happens under GEJ you will starts hearing stupid hysteric from so-called sheikhs with unnecessary crying in the podiums of Jumaat sermons
    With Pantami as a minister in this insincere administration has clearly shows that he was not sincere with plead of peoples and most of what he accused GEJ of committed is nothing but Hypocritical


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