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BANDITRY: Kano-Based Lawyer Berates Colleagues, Northern Politicians over Silence

BANDITRY: Kano-Based Lawyer Berates Colleagues, Northern Politicians over Silence  

Northern Nigerian politicians have been berated for giving their personal political interests more priority above the collective interest of the region.

A Kano-based legal practitioner, Ma’ruf Muhammad Yakasai, on Saturday, expressed worry over the continuous spate of killing in the region in the face of seeming government incapacity to safeguard lives of the citizens.

Yakasai took to his Facebook page to vent his displeasure on Northern politicians who have remained culpably silent as lives of common Nigerians are been brutally taken on daily basis.

He said while people keep losing their lives, politicians have only been talking about their political interests, promoting various candidates, groups and parties at the expense of the interests of the electorates.

He also lamented the docility of Nigerian lawyers in the face of such worrisome trend of insecurity in the North, calling on the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to rise to he occasion.

Yakasai wrote in a WhatsApp group for lawyers that: “It beats my imagination that while Arewa is burning, all we do here is promoting different candidates.. and having heard anything from any of the camps in respect of the 42 lives burnt alive and may be the focus of this forum and the NBA in general … our brothers are burning and dying while we dine.”

Yakasai later told Nigerian Sketch that he is beginning to think that Nigerians are becoming sadly individualistic, as no one seems to bother about what happened to his or her brother “so far he or she is feeling safe,” adding that such an attitude is a recipe for bad omen.


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