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Bandits sack Nigerian communities as insecurity escalates

Bandits sack Nigerian communities as insecurity escalates

Residents of 10 communities in Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State have fled their homes for fear of being attacked by a notorious bandits’ leader, Dan Nagala, who earlier sent attack threats to them.

Daily Trust reported that the affected villages are Gidan Soro, Maje, Fanda Hakki, Hayin Dankaro, Doka, Dan Gamji, Galmuwar Hannu, Dan Katsina, Dakwalge and Gidan Arne.

The residents reportedly fled their homes following a recent operation carried out by soldiers of the Operation Hadarin Daji unit.

The operatives on Tuesday stormed the famous Danbasa-Buzaya forest and recovered a large number of cows allegedly stolen and kept by Dan Nagala.

The cows were being kept in the custody of another bandit, simply referred to as Zakiru, who fled the area when he heard about the impending invasion by the soldiers.

A resident was reported to have soldiers went to the forest and recovered a large number of Dan Nagala’s stolen cows three weeks ago,.

“After the incident, Dan Nagala warned residents of the villages around the forest that if under any circumstances, the soldiers return to the forest and collect ‘his cows’, he will attack all the villages that share borders with the forest.

“So, the soldiers went to the forest on Tuesday and recovered many cows. We are afraid Dan Nagala can strike at any time as he promised, and that is why we fled our homes. We know the man, he is heartless, he doesn’t value human life. I can confidently tell you that because of these cattle, Dan Nagala can wipe out all the villages around the forest”, the disturbed resident said.

Another resident from Dan Katsina village, who simply identified himself as Malam Isyaku, lamented that many people including women and children spent the rest of their night in the bush because of the uncertainty, saying “the notorious bandit can attack residents in the night when many of them are asleep.

“Women and children left their homes the moment we heard about the recovery of the stolen animals. This is because, we are all aware of the warning the bandits’ leader sent to us after the first recovery. We are even lucky he did not send his boys to the affected villages immediately after the soldiers left the forest. Otherwise, it would have been a different story by now.

“The soldiers that recovered the cows ought to have remained behind to protect residents of villages around the forest. Of course, it is good to recover ‘stolen cows’, but human life is far better than animals. The government should therefore give us protection against the bandits.

“For me, if the soldiers cannot be stationed in our villages to provide security for us, they should at least not cause problems between us and the bandits. The soldiers should have allowed us to leave in peace with this man. We have been living in peace with him for a long time. The recovery of the cows may lead to a serious problem between the people living around the forest and bandits”, said Malam Isyaku.

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