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Barcelona Gets Interim President After Bartomeu’s Exit

Barcelona Gets Interim President After Bartomeu’s Exit

Carlos Tusquets has been named interim president of Barcelona following the exit of former club supremo Josep Maria Bartomeu.

A report in Marca highlighted the background of Tusquets who will guide Barca through the next few months ahead of the new board elections early next year.

Tusquets founded FIBANC (now named Banco Mediolanum) at 32 and six years later, he was named head of Círculo de Economía.

He is now in his 80s.

A report in El Mundo last year outlined how Tusquets was linked to 56 different companies as of August 2019, and he has been suggested as a potential presidential candidate but he has never decided to officially run for the position.

He is most well known in recent years for warning the board of Bartomeu against the unsustainable wage bill at the club compared to their budgetary constraints.

Tusquets now must analyse the financial situation at the club and decide how to proceed with the proposed wage cuts.

Erstwhile president, Josep Maria Bartomeu stepped down under pressure from legions of fans ahead of a vote of no-confidence.

Apart from his fallout with Lionel Messi, there was also Barca’s failure to win silverware since 2007-08 as well as the loss of €97 million for last season, making Bartomeu to throw in the towel after six years at the helm.

By resigning, he has avoided the vote of no confidence that was scheduled for the coming weeks.

Bartomeu and his board had sought to delay the vote, citing health concerns for the club’s more than 110,000 members amid the coronavirus pandemic, but local officials had authorised the ballot, which was expected to go against him.

Consequently, the entire board of directors stepped down with him.

“I am here today to inform you of my resignation and that of the rest of the Board of Directors. This is a well-considered, calm, consensual and collective decision by my fellow directors who have accompanied me over recent years in a loyal and committed fashion with regards to the project and the Club, and who have made so many sacrifices thinking always of Barca,” the club’s official website quoted Bartomeu as saying.

More than 20,000 Barcelona members had signed a petition for Bartomeu and his board to face a motion of censure.

The petition was drawn up not long after Messi asked to leave the club following that humiliating 8-2 Champions League loss to Bayern Munich.

Even though Messi changed his mind, he denounced Bartomeu in a September interview, when he described his stewardship of the club as a “disaster”.



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