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Biden Gives Short Speech, Sure He’d Be President-Elect

Biden Gives Short Speech, Sure He’d Be President-Elect

Sensing victory, US Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, gave a very short speech and said that while they are waiting for the final numbers, the result is clear that he will be the president elect.

He said he is already holding meetings with experts about COVID-19 to be ready when he takes over in the White House and also to be ready to get the economy going again. But the most important thing is to be patient and get all the votes counted.

He also sounded somehow conciliatory, saying there are disagreements, but “we have to put the anger” behind us. “As president my responsibility will be to work for all Americans”.

Biden continues to stretch his lead in Pennsylvania, now leading Trump by over 17, 000 votes with less than 2% of the votes still to count (around 150, 000 ballots)

Biden is currently ahead by 4,235 votes in Georgia, where Trump has already called for a recount

The President’s lead of 76, 673 in North Carolina remains, with less than 1% of the state’s ballots still uncounted

Social media cracks down on violence-inciting posts: Facebook remove Trump fans’ “Stop the Steal” group and Steve Bannon is removed from social media for advocating the beheading of Dr Fauci.

Donald Trump has been roundly criticised for his paranoia-fuelled press conference, which fellow Republican Mitt Romney described as ‘damaging’.

Meanwhile Biden has doubled his Nevada lead to 22,000 votes on Friday, putting him up 1.7 percentage points

States remaining to be called with Electoral votes are: Georgia (16), Nevada (6), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15), Alaska (3) – Biden is currently ahead in four of these states, and probably only needs one

Biden team brush off “meritless” legal attempts from Trump, adding that “Joe Biden now has won more votes than any presidential candidate in history”

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