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Billionaire found living with mistress in Moscow after he’s declared dead in 2021

Billionaire found living with mistress in Moscow after he’s declared dead in 2021

German-American billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub, who vanished during a hike in the Alps in 2018 and was declared legally dead in 2021, has reportedly been discovered alive and well in Moscow.

He was discovered allegedly living with a Russian mistress named Veronika Ermilova, according to the Metro.

Haub, 58 at the time of his disappearance, was training for a ski mountaineering race at Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain when he went missing.

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Despite extensive search efforts, his body was never found, leading to his legal declaration of death in 2021. However, a recent investigation by German broadcaster RTL claims to have uncovered evidence suggesting that Haub is alive and residing in Moscow.

The investigation alleges that Haub is living with Ermilova, with whom he reportedly had substantial phone contact in the days leading up to his disappearance. The calls, including one lasting over an hour, have raised suspicions that Haub may have been plotting his disappearance.

Veronika Ermilova, described as running an event agency in St. Petersburg organizing outdoor excursions, is also suspected of having ties to Russia’s FSB security service, though this remains unproven.

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Investigative findings indicate that Haub’s life was closely intertwined with Ermilova’s, with multiple instances of their simultaneous presence in various cities over the years.

Economic or emotional concerns?

Karl-Erivan Haub, Veronika Ermilova, Moscow, Russia
Karl-Erivan Haub and Veronika Ermilova

Speculation surrounding Haub’s disappearance suggests potential involvement in questionable business dealings with Russian entities, which may have led to conflicts in the West.

RTL journalist Liv von Boetticher posited that Haub’s connections to the Russian economy could have played a role in his mysterious disappearance.

The exact manner of Haub’s alleged escape remains unknown, with theories ranging from skiing through the Alps to descending into Italy. Despite the ongoing investigation, Haub’s whereabouts since his disappearance remain unconfirmed.

As this perplexing saga continues to unfold, questions linger about Haub’s motivations and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and reappearance. The revelation has left many intrigued and eager for further developments in this extraordinary tale of mystery and intrigue.


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