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BREAKING: Zazzau Emirate Kingmakers Reverse Earlier Recommendation

Zazzau Emirate Kingmakers Reverse Earlier Recommendation

Zaria City is presently under tension as information broke that the Zazzau Emirate kingmakers have reconsidered their earlier recommendation to the governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai on the appointment of a new emir.

Reliable sources in the emirate and within the state government revealed to Nigerian Sketch that the governor returned the earlier recommendation to the kingmakers, asking them to find a way of including his favoured choice, Ahmad Bamalli.

The kingmakers have acceded to the governor’s demand, and preparations are being made for the announcement of a new Emir of Zazzau as of the time we publish this story.

The earlier recommendation, submitted on Thursday had Iyan Zazzau, Bashir Aminu, as their top choice to succeed the late emir, Shehu Idris, who died last Sunday.

The two others included the Yariman Zazzau, Munir Ja’afaru and the Turakin Zazzau, Aminu Idris.

It is not immediately clear who among the first three was replaced with Ahmad Bamalli, but Nigerian Sketch had predicted predicted that Iyan Zazzau, even though first among others, would not be approved by the governor.

The appointment of the Emir of Zazzau was supposed to have been made three days after the demise of the late emir, but scheming within the government quarters have delayed the process.

Governor El-rufai was reported to have initially pretended that he wanted the kingmakers to make the best selection for the job, using established selection process.

Even though he indicated that he had a preferred candidate, he did not press for his choice.

The kingmakers took the hint and got down to a selection process that produced a candidate that the governor would not have wanted to become the Emir of Zazzau under any circumstance.

El-rufai had to come down from his pretext and push for a reconsideration.



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