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BREASTFEEDING: Kano Trains 1, 320 Women on Mass Production of Soya Pie, Juice

BREASTFEEDING: Kano Trains 1, 320 Women on Mass Production of Soya Pie, Juice

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

Kano state government has conducted the training of 1, 320 women on the utilization of Soya bean for mass  local production of pie and juice to strengthen the fight against malnutrition in breastfeeding mothers and growing children in the state.

The director, Extension Services, Kano Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (KNARDA), Sadi Ibrahim, while addressing a team from Civil Society- Scaling Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) during an advocacy visit to the headquarters of the authority disclosed that KNARDA in its commitment to boost the production of quality food content drew women from the 44 local government areas of the state.

According to him, the training funded by the state government demonstrated to the participants the methods to utilize local foods like Soya beans to produce nutritious meals.

Sadi said “we demonstrated to the women how they should use what we have locally  because they are  cheaper and affordable to prepare  proper nutrition, in children and breast feeding mothers.

He further said “what we call Gari Kul- Kul is now popular among our women, we trained them on this and the result is visible. It is affordable at all levels and nutritious too.”

Sadi revealed that the women produce the soya pie and drinks for household consumption and commercial proposes, explaining that in the process the household economy is also boosted, resulting into good living standards.

The CS-SUNN team, led by Innocent Ekene, tasked the agency to set up an appraisal tool to monitor expenses and the implementation of planned nutrition activities across the state.

The coalition further urged KNARDA to heighten the initiation of community nutrition programmes targeted at hinterland communities, adding that in the process, rural communities would be aided to connect effectively with developments in the metropolis.


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