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British woman blasts Americans for naming kids after cities in the UK

British woman blasts Americans for naming kids after cities in the UK

A British woman has lashed out at American parents who name their children after places in England – but completely change the spellings.

While names like Chester, Devon, and Carlisle could be forgiven as fairly normal, one disgruntled person took particular offence to someone named after a famous Midlands city.

Taking to Reddit to rant about the situation, she wrote: “I’m from England. My American friend’s cousin’s girlfriend is called Lecesta. I thought it could be a cultural thing but it isn’t. Apparently, her mother got together with her father at a party in Leicester in England and therefore named their child Lecesta. And what’s even worse, the mother pronounces the word Leicester as Lie – Sess – Tur.

“It’s actually Less – Tuh. And since Lecesta’s mother pronounces Leicester this way, her daughter’s name is pronounced Lee – Sess – Tur. Can we stop naming children after British places? And then spelling them incorrectly.”

People reading the post couldn’t help but laugh as they responded, with one writing: “I’ll name my baby Milton Keynes and you can’t stop me.” While someone else replied, joking: “Please at least give them a nice city/town nameā€¦ like Slough.”

Another person replied, adding: “I (American) work with a woman named Devon Norfolk. Her last name is Norfolk and her parents either doubled down, or are ignorant of British geography. I’m guessing the latter.”

Someone else replied: “I’m offended on behalf of the whole city of Leicester. I saw an American who named their child Leeds and could not understand why the Brits in the comments found it funny. Nothing pains me more than the pronunciations of my city like I know there’s a lot of letters but its Les-tah.”

After commenting on how David and Victoria Beckham had named their eldest son Brooklyn, one person responded: “Oh god what a cringe! I always thought if people had actually visited these places (especially Harlow) they wouldn’t use it as a name but she must actually know that Leicester is s*** having been there.”

In defense of the parents who named their daughter Lecesta, one person reasoned: “It’s no sillier than calling your daughter Chelsea. Chelsea Clinton was named after the Joni Mitchell song Chelsea Morning, which is about the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City.”




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