CHRICED Gets Grant to Support FCT Original Inhabitants   

CHRICED, Grant,Dr Zikrullah, FCT, Original Inhabitants
CHRICED executive director, Dr Zikrullah

CHRICED Gets Grant to Support FCT Original Inhabitants   

The Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) has been awarded a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for its work to support and strengthen the advocacy, voice and organizational development of the Original Inhabitant (OI) communities in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

CHRICED said it will use the grant to work in concert with OI communities “to equip them with the skills and technical capacities required to sustainably and lawfully advocate for the promotion of their rights and interests. This project will enable FCT OIs work towards an inclusive, resilient and sustainable development pathway, especially in the context of the devastation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The grant is part of roughly $80 million in awards MacArthur announced last week in support of the Foundation’s Equitable Recovery initiative, centered on advancing racial and ethnic justice. The initiative is funded by MacArthur’s social bonds, issued in response to the crises of the pandemic and racial inequity.

“CHRICED expresses its gratitude to MacArthur Foundation for entrusting us with this historic responsibility. As an organization campaigning for human rights and justice, we are excited about this opportunity to work with the natives of the FCT. Our project will respond to the marginalization and the historic injustices meted against FCT OIs by putting their issues in the fore front of the governance and decision making processes.

“CHRICED will support the Original Inhabitant Groups (OIGs) with the technical skills and capacities to enable them to sustainably and effectively campaign for their rights and interests. This work becomes even more critical in the face of the devastation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“CHRICED is ready to campaign strategically alongside FCT s, until the injustices against them are redressed.”


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