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CHRICED Hails Kano Govt for ‘Generous’ Budget to Healthcare, Calls for Better Implementation System 

CHRICED Hails Kano Govt for ‘Generous’ Budget to Healthcare, Calls for Better Implementation System 

Kano State government has been hailed for “providing a relatively generous budgetary allocation for health” in the state, even though the “system put in place to provide healthcare services is structurally and fundamentally flawed, making it almost impossible for vulnerable people to effectively access the much needed service”

The Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED) said during a press briefing to mark the closeout of the project of Social Mobilisation for Transparency and Accountability in Maternal Health Resource Budget in Kano State, at the Mambayya House on Monday.

The executive director of CHRICED, Dr. Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi, said the 3-year project that was launched as a “data-driven intervention to advocate for transparent and accountable use of maternal health resources in our dear Kano State, focusing on Gwale and Kumbotso Local Government Areas” was a success.

The director said the project, “through its outcomes, objectives and goals, engaged the governance process to bring about behavioural changes across the demand and supply side of the maternal health accountability chain.

“In the last three years, CHRICED worked to foster clear cut policy changes on the maternal health side, by inspiring sustained accountability demands.”

He added that CHRICED “also mobilised citizen efforts to focus on the state of Primary Health Care Centres in the focal LGA’s”, adding that his organization was “interested in seeing the people at the grassroots, especially in the rural areas, who are most affected by the problem of maternal mortality, taking the lead in finding solutions.”

According to him, the “intention of creating a platform for those on the demand side to get the decision-makers on the supply side to listen to their voices as citizens and attend to their social needs was resoundingly achieved.

“Today, I am very glad to inform you that one of the milestones from this project is the fact the strategy of ensuring the people find their civic voice and use it appropriately to draw attention  to their social conditions, worked excellently well.”

He said “the silent, yet mass death of our women in the process of childbirth violates their fundamental right, as enshrined in international human rights instruments, as well as the Constitution of our country, Nigeria.

“Maternal mortality is a very ironic situation in which a woman on the verge of bringing forth another life loses her own life in the process.”


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