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Citizens lament as tricycle ban takes effect in Kano

Citizens lament as tricycle ban takes effect in Kano

The ban on the operation of tricycles in Kano metropolis came into operation Thursday night, and citizens reacted to its effect on their lives.

Kano State government had declared last week that tricycle operators in the state must close work at 10pm and recommence at 6am.

The directive was government’s reaction to the persistent incidents of criminality within the metropolis which authorities claimed was being carried out using tricycles.

Citizens have complained that they were exposed to armed robbery, phone snatching and other sorts of violent attacks at night through the tricycles.

Tricycle ban, Citizens lament, Kano
A Kano road without tricycles at night

Some even alleged that the tricycle riders conspired in some instances with criminals to rob or abduct innocent commuters.

There were reports of deaths occurring as a result of excessive bleeding after been stabbed by phone snatchers.

Nigerian Sketch reporters observed that tricycles have gained popularity with commuters over time in Kano, given their large number, their accessibility to various areas of the city and their road usage manipulability. The acute shortage of taxis and buses also contributed to the mass resort to the tricycles.

The only practical alternative to them, the motorcycles, have been banned since the early days of Boko Haram insurgency.

Tricycle ban, Citizens lament, Kano
Motorcycles used to be the major means of intra-city transportation in Kano before they were banned

Thursday night in Kano presented a typical example in chaos, desperation, frustration, suffering and lamentation.

As early as 9pm, tricycle operators have started moving towards their various terminals, shunning desperate committers who are left stranded on the roads.

By 9.30pm, areas around Bata, Unguwa Uku, Naibawa and Yankaba where people usually troop to board commercial vehicles to their destinations, have been parked full with far more people than the few available busses could cater for.

By 10pm, most people have resigned to fate and were seen walking along the roads to destinations they may not be able to reach in two hours.

Samuel Aja, who said he owns a stall at Court Road, Sabon Gari, admitted that he had to trek to his house in Badawa after closing shop a few minutes to 10pm.

Amina Shamsu, a food seller along Katsina Road, said she and two of her assistants had no option than to trek all the way to Tarauni. She said it was an impossible venture, but they just had to embark on it, with the hope that some interventions will occur. Of course, some good Samaritan gave them free ride from Ibrahim Taiwo Road.

The state government has so far failed to provide succor for the populace in the implementation of the new directive, banking on the expectation that people will adjust with time.

Whether or not the directive will curb the incidences of criminal activities in the city will also be seen with time.


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