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COVID-19 facilities moved from SAS, power supply set stolen from Yargaya – Kano health ministry

COVID-19 facilities moved from SAS, power supply set stolen from Yargaya – Kano health ministry

Kano State ministry of health has explained that it was a generating set that was stolen from the Yargaya Isolation Centre, not COVID-19 equipment, and that a watchman was really killed at the centre, but in 2017.

The ministry, in a press release issued by the spokesman of the state’s Hospital Management Board, Ibrahim Abdullahi on Tuesday, was reacting to reports by NigerianSketch and other online news media that the isolation centre was closed and equipments carted away. The reports also said a watchman was killed at the centre, causing the stationing of police guards there. (Read the report here)

Mr Abdullahi wrote that “On allegation that the equipments were carted away, the release debunked in it’s (sic) entirety by explaining that it was the (sic) Mudassir and Brothers Textile Company that renovated the Centre in 2020 during the second wave of Covid-19 to support Kano state government in its fight against the pandemic and commissioned by Governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje as one of the proactive measures to isolate people that may likely contract the disease, assuring people of the state that all equipments were intact within the facility nothing has been dismantled.”

He however further wrote that “The released (sic) further dispelled the allegation put forward by the media that the watchman of the facility has been killed as a result, lamenting that, ‘The incidence occurred since 2017 when some bad eggs around the area burgled the hospital in the night and took away its generating set. With the intervention of the Almighty, the culprits have been chased and apprehended by the security operatives. In an effort to further provide adequate security to the facility’s structures and equipments, the Ministry besought the services of policemen and stationed there day and night.”

The release did not provide evidence that equipments at Yargaya are intact, nor did it claim that it took journalists there to see things, but it tacitly agreed that equipments at the Sani Abacha Stadium, provided by Dangote Foundation, were no longer there, as they have been taken to another location.

Another NigerianSketch report had revealed that equipments at the Sani Abach Stadium have disappeared without trace or explanation. (Read the report here)

According to the release, “… all equipments of the Sani Abacha Temporary Isolation Centre have not been looted or taken to unknown destinations but safely kept at the Drugs and Medical Consumables Supply Agency.”

The release however failed to explain why the equipments were moved.


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