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Customers lament as Access Bank adjusts closing time for branches

Customers lament as Access Bank adjusts closing time for branches

Customers of Access Bank in Nigeria have lamented the decision of the bank to alter closing time for some branches without giving them any reason for the decision.

The customers said they received notifications suggesting that 83 branches of the bank across Nigeria will close at 3pm rather that the official 4pm, beginning from Monday, the 29th of August, 2022.

The notification goes thus:


You can simply process most of your transactions via our digital channels, as a few of our Access Bank branches nationwide will close at 3pm from the 29th OF August 2022.

All other Access Bank branches will be open as usual, from 8am to 4pm.

The good news is that our electronic channels (ATM, Access Mobile, USSD, and Internet Banking) remain safe, easy to use, convenient, and available 24/7.

The notification was accompanied by a list of the affected branches, their branch codes, branch names, addresses and states.

Some of the customers who spoke with Nigerian Sketch said they are worried that something really serious may be happening with the bank to have necessitated such an unusual adjustment.

Umar Isa Sulaiman said “The way banks in Nigeria run things are worrisome. You cannot trust them with anything nowadays. Why would they adjust the closing time for the branches without giving their customers the reason behind the decision.

“Take Kano for example. France Road, Murtala Mohammed Way and Bank Road branches are affected. The question is, what other branches of Access Bank do they have in Kano? And to do this without any reason given? I think that is not proper,” he said.

Nigerian Sketch sent an email to the bank’s customer and complain enquiry mailbox but is yet to receive any response.


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