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DEAR FCT MINISTER: A Desperate Call to Save Streets Flowers, Grasses

DEAR FCT MINISTER: A Desperate Call to Save Streets Flowers, Grasses

By Aisha Hamisu Abubakar

It is a known fact that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja is always listed among the most beautiful and fast growing federal capitals not only in the African Continent, but the world over and a fair share of this credit must go to the green nature, skyscrapers and many other infrastructural developments going on in the city on a daily basis.

Administrations come and go with their policies that make the capital city a unique one and beautiful, though the administration of Muhammad Musa Bello choose continuity rather than fresh policies, which is a good development for the city’s Master Plan.

Streets in the city are mostly beautified by the flowers and grasses, which in some streets leave one struggling to ascertain whether it is actually Abuja or New York

But while the present administration is making efforts in the angle of infrastructures, most especially road, and also ensuring the city looks clean, it seems the administration is gradually forgetting one thing that makes the city more beautiful.

Some flowers and even trees planted years ago are gradually dying due to negligence and some other human factors.

As a final year Botany student, this makes me feel bad and uncomfortable of what the future holds for these flowers, grasses and even trees which make the city even more beautiful.

Flowers are just like all other animals with souls, implying that they need to be taken care of. Just like a human body that nourishes every day, these street flowers ought to be put in that line. And if not on daily basis, due to our own peculiarities, they need to be fed either weekly or monthly, so that their lives can be sustained as well.

Many streets which have had a good-looking flowers and green grasses in the past, even during dry seasons, are now dying, with most of the flowers in the bad state of shrinking, while the grasses are turning brown, meaning their days are nearing the end.

For trees, it is not easy as many human factors are affecting their lives. Some are even no more as they have been cut off completely.

A simple observation reveals that for now the streets that have good looking and healthy flowers and trees are in some part of Wuse 2 and Maitama. As for Asokoro, they are doing well, thanks to owners of the mansions who are also complementing the government on that.

When I saw the administration planted masquerade (Dogon Yaro) on the Murtala Muhammad Way (Kubwa road), I felt extremely happy. However, that happiness was short-lived as the plantation was done during raining season, the grasses were green, but unfortunately as at today the grasses have since turned brown about to die without any assistance from the department in charge.

It is a nightmare because the huge amount of money used to plant them is about being wasted, as 90% of them are about to die leaving only the remaining percentage to withstand the pressure and the weather and grow on their own.

Anyone driving from Kubwa will notice that the masquerades planted from around Dutse Junction up until around Mpape Junction have few days to live as, since the last rain of 2020, they have not seen water, although they are not as expensive as Cycas that were planted between Tipa Garage to around Barracks,  which are equally in dire need of water.

It is against the foregoing that as a Botany student, I felt disturbed and pained, leaving me with no option but to put down this passionate appeal and plead to the FCT administration to look into the issue of taking care of the flowers, grasses and trees which are among things used in ranking the city and obviously beautify it, make it cool and also regulate heat and the impending climate change.

I also urge the FCT minister, Muhammad Musa Bello, to enforce the law of punishing anyone found doing anything that endanger the lives of flowers, grasses and trees in the capital city.

Aisha Hamisu Abubakar (Mrs), a final year student of Botany, Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State, wrote this from Abuja.


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