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Dissociate Criminals from Their Tribes, Religions, Nigerian Governors Urge

Dissociate Criminals from Their Tribes, Religions, Nigerian Governors Urge

State governors in Nigeria, under the aegis of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), have declared on Thursday that henceforth “comprehensive prosecution of crime and criminality” would be taken seriously anywhere in the country without any reference to the ethnic or religious affiliation of the criminals.

This, according to NGF chairman, Kayode Fayemi, was the resolution of the governors at an emergency meeting held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja Wednesday evening.

Fayemi, who is the governor of Ekiti State, briefed journalists early Thursday, saying the governors remained committed to the protection of lives and property in all states.

According to him, “Nigerian governors also are very clear that crime and criminality should be comprehensively prosecuted wherever they may occur without ethnic, religious or any other coloration.

“Governors are totally opposed to ethnic profiling of crime. Knowing what has transpired in other parts of the world, whether we are talking of the way youths were profiled in Germany leading to the World War, or we talking of the way Tutsis were profiled leading to the genocide experienced in Rwanda, we do not believe that crimes are associated with a particular ethnic group.

“And to that extent, we unreservedly condemn any attempt to profile any ethnic group on account of a particular crime.

“Governors are also totally opposed to the proliferation of fake news, and the abuse of social media. Many of us have seen those fake videos that have almost led to reprisals in other parts of the country and we want to explore both our mainstream media organisations as well as individuals to apply restraint in the way and manner issues relating to the security of lives and property are reported.

He also said, “we have also expressed our interest in strengthening our judicial system so that they can accelerate access to justice for victims of crime and criminality in the country.

“Governors also reviewed the need to strengthen the National Livestock Transformation Plan because it the view of all the governors in Nigeria that the traditional approach to grazing is no longer sustainable and that modern approach to livestock management needs to be put in place and governors feel strongly that the strengthening of the National Livestock Transformation Plan would be a good place to start this comprehensive revisiting of the livestock management arrangement.

“Governors also highlighted in the course of our meeting, the importance of reviewing our forestry management and environmental law because we feel very strongly that our forests have become the den of these criminals and bandits simply because they have not been properly managed across the board.”


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