Drop Hatred and Strife, Embrace Love and Peace, Atiku Tells Nigerians on New Year

Atiku Abubakar, Hatred, Strife, Love, Peace, New Year
Atiku Abubabakar

Drop Hatred and Strife, Embrace Love and Peace, Atiku Tells Nigerians on New Year

Former Nigeria’s vice president, Atiku Abubakar, has urged Nigerians to do things differently in the New Year to make Nigeria a better country for all.

Atiku gave the charge in a New Year message addressed to Nigerians to herald 2022.

In a statement he personally signed and released to journalists in Abuja, Atiku described 2021 as a tough year characterized by sundry economic and health challenges.

“We must seek to do something different and, in doing so, let us become peace ambassadors of God. Hate and strife never build a nation. They even destroy the individual faster. Rather, unity and understanding bind a nation together,” he said.

According to him, “2021) came and went with challenges, especially with the second, third and fourth waves of the dreaded Coronavirus disease; sundry upsets that troubled the peace and security in different parts of the country; a depressing economy and many touching stories of tragedies. For Nigerians, who lost dear ones to these calamities, it is my prayer that God shall continue to comfort the bereaved families.

“But 2022 promises to be a remarkable one. It is one year that is filled with hope and optimism. It is one year that comes with a unique opportunity for us to redefine the remainder of this decade.  Moving forward into the decade of the 2020s, our New Year resolution should be about eschewing divisive and parochial tendencies and embracing inclusion and general good.

“We cannot continue to kick the same can down the road, yet again, we need reawakening. And it is a reawakening that must invigorate our unity as one people of one good country.

“That is the commitment that we must pursue in this New Year.

“Unlike hate and strife, an individual that chooses a life of unity and common understanding finds inner peace and love.

“While I congratulate Nigerians on this New Year, 2022, let me urge us all to the task of washing our hands off every molecule of hate and strife and immerse our hearts in unity, love and peace,” he added.


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