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EDO, ONDO POLLS: Jonathan Advocates E-Voting to Curb Thuggery, Violence

Jonathan Advocates E-Voting to Curb Thuggery, Violence

Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has suggested that electronic voting is a practical way to end electoral violence in Nigeria, notwithstanding the possibilities of e-criminals compromising the system.

Jonathan said, in an article titled ‘COVID-19, Democracy And Task Of Nation-Building’ during the Osasu Show Symposium 2020 that “It will bring an end to the incessant deployment of miscreants during elections because there will be no room for ballot box stuffing or snatching. It is sad that in some places, these miscreants are even celebrated, because of the ignoble roles they play during elections.”

Commenting on the forthcoming Ondo and Edo gubernatorial elections, Jonathan called on politicians and political parties to ensure the reign of peace and fair play as thuggery will only undermine the nation’s unity and democracy.

He said: “I should point out that a society where thugs become role models is doomed to fail. You can always tell how credible or otherwise a democratic process has been from the level of protests, violence and the number of post-election litigations.”

Jonathan gave his view on how the country could avoid rigging, manipulation, and all forms of electoral malpractices, opining that the best and only way for electoral crimes to be avoided not just in Nigeria but across Africa is through electronic voting.

Jonathan said that elections only do necessarily amount to democracy and that the results of polls should not be determined by the tribunal but strictly by ballots.

He said “Regular elections, fine, but elections per se is not democracy. If the votes of the citizens don’t count, then it is as good as a military dictatorship. So from me, the reforms first get to us making the vote counts.”

Could e-voting truly resolve Nigeria’s electoral problems?

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