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EDO: Situation Room Gives Preliminary Report as Ballot Counting Continues

EDO: Situation Room Gives Preliminary Report as Ballot counting Continues

Preliminary reports emanating from the Nigeria civil society situation room about the Edo state governorship election show that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did well in some aspects of the electoral process.

The reports also show that the electoral umpire was found wanting in other aspects.

Voting has ended in all polling units and counting are continuing as of the time this reports was filed.

According to the reports, electoral materials were successfully distributed to their various local governments, and in good time.

However, there were delays in the opening of polls in some areas as officials arrived late.

The reports say cases of malfunctioning card readers and failure to authenticate fingerprints were reported while in some areas, while there was widespread failure to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

The reports condemned the invasion of Governor Wike’s hotel room on Friday, while they specifically commended the INEC officials over the priority given to people with disabilities.

On the negative note, the reports exposed that there were widespread vote buying on the part of the politicians.

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