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El-Rufai aims Bob Marley quips at Nuhu Ribadu, Uba Sani who double-crossed him before Tinubu

El-Rufai aims Bob Marley quips at Nuhu Ribadu, Uba Sani who double-crossed him before Tinubu

Former Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, was seen relishing his love for a Bob Marley soundtrack that decried betrayal by close friends and allies.

This happened days after he was forced to abandon his ministerial bid over insidious attacks from his friend, Nuhu Ribadu.

He was said to have also been backstabbed by his political protege and Kaduna governor, Uba Sani.

El-Rufai was nominated for a ministerial position by President Tinubu last month, but he abruptly withdrew his interest after Mr Riibadu, the national security adviser, withheld clearance for the former Kaduna governor, leaving senators no choice but to suspend his confirmation.

He subsequently departed Nigeria for Egypt, from where he was expected to visit Europe on a study trip. The politician, prominent for his social media presence, has, however, continued to drop what he described as ‘nuggets’ on his Twitter handle.

On Sunday, he reminded his 2.3 million followers of his love for Bob Marley’s 1976 hit ‘Who the Cap Fit’ and urged his followers to “enjoy your Sunday with the song and lyrics that are timeless.”

The song contained lyrics that said: “Some will eat and drink with you. Then behind them su-su ‘pon you. Some will hate you, pretend they love you now. Then behind they try to eliminate you.”

El-Rufai did not specifically say he was directing his cautionary tale at anyone, but he has long been known to use proverbial quips to take jibes at his political detractors.

But his latest tweet, which struck a personal chord with the former governor, appeared aimed at his successor, Governor Sani, who had been trying to undermine him before Mr Tinubu over who should be the replacement minister from Kaduna State, following El-Rufai’s withdrawal.

Mr El-Rufai had suggested to Tinubu that Jafaru Sani, one of his former commissioners, should replace him. But Governor Sani, who was backed by Mr El-Rufai for governor, promptly visited the president to oppose the choice of his benefactor, according to Peoples Gazette.

Governor Sani later publicly denied telling the president to reject Mr El-Rufai’s candidate.

Tinubu, who named his cabinet during the week, has yet to announce his acceptance of Jafaru Sani as the cabinet minister from Kaduna.

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