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Emir of Kano Led Thousands of Moaners to Burry Sheikh Ahmad Ibrahim Bamba

Emir of Kano Led Thousands of Moaners to Burry Sheikh Ahmad Ibrahim Bamba 

The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, was among the community leaders in Kano State who conducted the mandatory burial rites on the late Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Ibrahim Bamba at the Darul Hadith Mosque, Tudun Yola, Kano on Friday.

Thousands of Muslims participated in the rites, which were performed immediately after the Friday Jumu’a prayers which the late Sheikh leads every week n his lifetime.

Sheikh Ahmad died earlier on Friday at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano after a protracted illness.

After the Janaza prayer was performed on the late scholar, it was announced that he will be buried at the Dandolo Cemetery in the metropolis.

Moaners, Sheikh Ahmad Ibrahim Bamba, Buried, Emir of Kano
Moaners at Sheikh Bamba”s burial

At the cemetery, it was difficult to control mourners who all wanted to be part of the exercise to lay the Sheikh to rest.

Very little has been written about the lifetime of the scholar who dedicated his adult life to the teaching of prophetic tradition.

Bamba was said to have been to Madinah where he acquired the requisite basics of Hadith. He got his doctorate degree in the same field of knowledge and was given a lecturing job at Bayero University where he also began to preach the fundamentals of Hadith.

Sheikh Bamba, burial, moaners
Sheikh Bamba at one of his numerous lecture sessions

He commanded a huge followership and had the respect of a large number of other scholars in the state and beyond.

He later established the Darul Hadith Mosque at Tudun Yola, Kano and moved his congregation there.

He was credited for his meticulous teaching of most of the most authoritative Hadith collections in history, some of which included Muwatta Imam Malik, Sahih Buhari, Sahih Muslim and a host of others.

The late Bamba had some disagreements with the authorities in Kano at various times, where he criticised actions he believed where either socially or religiously inappropriate.

He equally had disagreements with the Islamic mystical order followers like the Tijjaniyyah and the Qadiriyyah. He believed the two mystical orders were too innovative to be regarded as Islamically acceptable.

Of course, Madina-oriented scholars of his ilk do not have tolerance for mysticism and its methods of inculcation.


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