Erling Haaland exposes bizarre diet, drink, habit that turned him into monster striker

Erling Haaland, diet, monster striker, Manchester City
Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland exposes bizarre diet, drink, habit that turned him into monster striker

Manchester City’s top striker, Erling Haaland, has broken down the diet that’s turned him into one of world football’s deadliest marksmen.

The 22-year-old who has scored 20 goals in 12 games for City revealed that he follows a strict eating plan, something he touched on in a documentary titled ‘Haaland: The Big Decision’.

The Man City striker lifts the lid on his Hannibal Lecter-style routine in the documentary.

The Norwegian series also reveals he only drinks water through a complicated filter system and tries to look at sunshine as soon as he wakes.

Showing off huge chunks of heart and liver from his butcher, he says:

“You (other people) don’t eat this, but I am concerned with taking care of my body.

“I think eating quality food that is as local as possible is the most important.

“People say meat is bad for you but which? The meat you get at McDonald’s?

“Or the local cow eating grass right over there? I eat the heart and the liver.”

Heart and liver are superfoods rich in vitamin B, iron, phosphorus and copper and magnesium.

In the documentary which was filmed ahead of his move from Borussia Dortmund to City, the £375,000-a-week ace adds: “The first thing I do in the morning is to get some sunlight in my eyes — it is good for circadian rhythm.

“I have also started to filtrate my water a bit. I think it can have great benefits for my body.”

On a tour of City’s training ground, Haaland tells chefs: “You should be my favourite people” as he requests a cheese and ham omelette.

Haaland, 22, has previously confessed a love for doner kebab pizza.

And he feasts on lasagne made by dad Alfie as part of his 6,000 calories a day diet.

Erase Steenslid, Haaland’s trainer at Dortmund, has joked how the star was “always the closest to the buffet and his plate was literally a mountain of food”.

Alfie, who also played for City, said his son was inspired to eat healthily by seeing how it helped superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

He said: “He was told a story by (ex-United player) Patrice Evra about a lunch he had with Ronaldo and Cristiano had fish, nothing else. Erling now tries to do the same.”

The 6ft 4in striker is also a fan of ice baths, and glasses which filter out blue light to improve his sleep.


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