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EXPOSED: ECWA Church presidential aspirant caught in web of sex scandal with minor, may face criminal trial

EXPOSED: ECWA Church presidential aspirant caught in web of sex scandal with minor, may face criminal trial

A presidential aspirant pf the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Rev. Dr. David Adamu Gyet, has been caught in an alleged web of sex scandal.

ECWA is one of the leading and large congregations known for evangelism and missions, and election into leadership positions of the church in Nigeria is scheduled to hold later this month, according to multiples sources within the Church.

One of the anointed and perhaps the most preferred presidential aspirant into the office of the church’s president in the forthcoming election, Gyet, was allegedly fingered in a sex scandal with a minor who was living with him as a maid when he was pastoring at one of the ECWA churches in Abuja.

Petition and discipline

Rev. Dr. David Adamu Gyet, ECWA Church, Presidential aspirant, Sex scandal, Criminal trial
Rev. Dr. David Adamu Gyet

In a petition written by the alleged girl survivor, Asabe Danbaba and her father who is also an ECWA pastor addressed to the General Secretary of the Church, she complained that she cannot sit behind and watch someone who severally assaulted her sexually to clinch the most exhalted seat in the church.  To her, the office is meant for people of high spiritual standards and God-fearing men on God.

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The girl further maintained that electing people with such kind of records will not only bring shame and disgrace to the church but set a dangerous precedent.

She added that Dr Gyet also brazenly flouted the Constitution and Bye Laws of ECWA Church during his stewardship at ECWA Gospel Centre Kano by deliberately refusing to remit the statutory 25% funds to ECWA for a period of about two years, an offence which on its own was a misconduct and attracts dismissal as penalty.

She further contended that his deliberate disrespect to the ECWA Constitution and Bye Laws which he swore to abide and uphold automatically disqualifies him from contesting for the exhalted office of ECWA President.

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In October, 2012, the committee set up by the Church to investigate the allegation of sexual misconduct against Dr Gyet said it confirmed his guilt in the scandal and went on to place him on what they called Church Discipline, which meant that the he had to vacate the Pastorium and hand over the church property in in his possession to his Local Overseer.


The Church said it employed such discipline to maintain the purity of the Body of Christ and to restore those who have sinned to true repentance.

It was in line with the above that the Church in 2013 wrote to the Pastor in Charge of the Nyanya-Abuja where the Dr Gyet belonged to take note that the lifting on the ban on him shall be “subject upon genuine evidence of true repentance of change of heart and attitude.”

Political group

As the Church’s 2024 election approached, political alignments have been rife, and interest groups began to spring up.

For example, a renowned Professor of Theology of international repute Prof. Yusufu Turaki recently blew a whistle in a letter addressed to the church leaders that a political group has emerged that called itself Coalition of ECWA members.

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The professor said the group met, nominated and presented the names of some people for elective positions in the forthcoming elections of the church, a decision he described as danger and capable of throwing the church into pandemonium.

He said the practice and spiritual standards of elections in ECWA is that members pray and fast and allow God to choose the right leaders who will work for Him.

In another development, a Kano-based legal practitioner, Ibrahim Ango wrote a rejoinder to the whistle blowing letter written by Prof. Turaki in which he cautioned the professor to approach “issues facing ECWA professionally with the fear of God at heart. Restraining himself from any further attempts of bringing his godson into power via the backdoor methods thereby avoiding unnecessary conflict detrimental to the long -term goals and overall vision of ECWA.”

The ECWA General Church Council members comprises of the 87 District Church Council Chairmen, Secretaries and Delegates are the ones responsible for electing the ECWA Executive and Trustees of the Church.

Nigerian Sketch reached out to Rev Gyet on Sunday, and he expressed his wilingness to react to the allegations against him, but several calls to him Monday morning via WhatsApp and mobile line went unanswered. His side of the story will be published as soon as he responded.

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