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Fed-up wife laments husband’s ‘uselessness’ says ‘every woman’ has same problem with their husband

Fed-up wife laments husband’s ‘uselessness’ says ‘every woman’ has same problem with their husband

A disgruntled and fed-up woman has said she’s tired of having a “pretty useless” husband but doesn’t believe her partner’s unwillingness to look after the house or their children is an isolated issue – as she said “every woman” she knows has the same issue with their husband.

In an anonymous rant, the woman said that while her husband does “work hard”, he refuses to contribute when it comes to looking after the house and also rarely looks after their children, leaving it all on his wife to take care of.

And although people online tell her she should get a divorce and find a man who doesn’t make married life “rubbish”, she doesn’t think that’s possible.

She posted on Mumsnet: “All women I know are in my situation. Pretty useless husband. They’re left to look after the kids and called nags if they complain. It mostly falls on them. The marriages are pretty rubbish.

“I’ve posted here so many times about my issues with my husband and my lifestyle with small kids. I always get told I need to divorce. I get told that there are other men out there who aren’t as useless with their children.

“In real life, every woman I know faces something similar. Mainly responsible for everything to do with kids and house, works full time most of the time too. The husband works hard but doesn’t contribute to looking after the kids or the household. He complains of not having enough sex.”

The mum – who did admit to “generalising” in her post – added she feels “stitched up” and lied to about what married life would be like.

She continued: “The women I know are highly educated and in successful careers. We all feel stitched up. We were told if we study hard and are in successful careers, we wouldn’t end up being slaves to our husbands and children.

“What happened to the men our parents raised? For them to expect women to still be like their mothers? Doing everything for kids and family. Mothers and mothers-in-law in general (even though they raised us to be successful career women with choices) don’t have a whole lot of sympathy as it seems a raise to the bottom and ‘how much harder’ it was for them.

Commenters on the post were largely in agreement with the woman, with many saying it’s “depressing” to see so many women struggling in their marriages.

One person said: “It’s s**t!!! I feel you. I look at these amazing women and the men are mediocre. It’s depressing as f**k.”

While another added: “It’s all too common a tale. The bar for men is incredibly low. All you have to do to be considered ‘a great father’ is physically be in the house some of the time and have a job. Take the kids to the park for half an hour and you’ve reached superdad proportions.

“Same with housework. Man puts on a load of his own laundry and people tell you that you should be grateful for it. Depressing.”

But others insisted the woman was being too harsh on husbands, as they said their marriage is evenly split when it comes to doing housework and taking care of their children.

Someone wrote: “This isn’t my world, we do 50/50 and all my friends are the same. As I’ve not experienced it I don’t understand how it gets to this stage. In my world, you just say your turn and agree on a split of things to do. You don’t just do it.”

As someone else added: “This is not my experience, nor that of the majority of my friends. I know a few useless husbands/dads but they’re very much the minority.”



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