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FIFA WOMEN’S WORLD RANKINGS: Nigeria’s Super Eagles is Africa’s best

FIFA WOMEN’S WORLD RANKINGS: Nigeria’s Super Eagles is Africa’s best

The Super Falcons of Nigeria maintained their position in the latest FIFA Women’s World rankings released on Friday.

The nine-time African champions occupy 36th position in the world and remain Africa’s highest ranked team in the standings.

South Africa are the second best ranked African team in the rankings in 51 spots while Morocco occupies 3rd position on the continent in 56th position globally.

The Nigerian ladies are expected to improve on their ranking position with credible performances in the 2024 Olympic Football Tournament in France where they play their Brazilian opponents in their group C opener on 25 July.

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The three month cycle ranking factored in no fewer than 154 international football matches played during the time frame with  world champions Spain atop the latest table.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking will be published on 16 August 2024.

How are FIFA Women’s World Rankings calculated?

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Super Falcons

The FIFA Women’s World Rankings are determined based on a team’s actual strength, which is measured through various criteria. The key factors considered in calculating the rankings include:

  1. Result of the Match: Whether a team wins, loses, or draws impacts their ranking. Goal difference is also taken into account.
  2. Home vs. Away or Neutral Ground: Matches played at home, away, or on neutral ground affect the ranking calculation. Historically, home teams earn 66% of available points, while away teams earn 34%. When not on neutral ground, the home team receives a 100-point advantage for calculation purposes.
  3. Importance of the Match: The significance of the match influences ranking adjustments.
  4. Difference in Women’s World Ranking (WWR) between Teams: Discrepancies in rankings between competing teams play a role in determining the impact of match results on rankings.

The rankings are updated periodically and take into consideration all international matches played by women’s national teams since 1971. Recent results carry more weight in the rankings, and teams must have played at least five matches against officially ranked teams to be included in the rankings.

Ranking Procedure

To be ranked, a team must meet specific criteria:

  • Played at least 5 matches against officially ranked teams.
  • Not been inactive for more than 18 months.
  • Points rating is maintained for unranked teams until they play their next match.

The actual result of a match is crucial in determining ranking adjustments:

  • Winners and losers receive different percentages based on goal difference and goals scored.
  • Draws result in both teams receiving similar percentages based on goals scored.

Top Ranked Team as of June 14, 2024

Spain holds the top position in the latest FIFA Women’s World Rankings updated on June 14, 2024.

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