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Finally, Yahaya Gusau Land Owners Get Compensation through Kano PCACC

Finally, Yahaya Gusau Land Owners Get Compensation through Kano PCACC

It was a happy day for the underprivileged Yahaya Gusau land owners when they received the certificates that finally concretized the ownership of their land compensation after struggling since 2003.

The chairman of Kano State Public Complaints and Anticorruption Commission (PCACC) delivered the certificates to the owners on Tuesday at the Nuhu Ribado Auditorium of the Kano Anticorruption Institute.

In his remarks, while congratulating the 87 beneficiaries, he commented on the four-year struggle that involved legal battle with encroachers that tried to deprive the rightful owners of their properties.

“When I was presented with the case, it appeared like an ordinary compensation case, but as we dived deeper, we came face to face with astonishing malpractice and forgery,” the chairman said, referring to the utter disregard of basic human right and lack of sympathy to the owners shown by some greedy personalities.

“We won’t hesitate to demolish any illegal structure raised on the property to confirm ownership where it is rightfully due,” he said as he handed over the certificates in a final assurance to the tearful owners.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude, most of them highly emotional and in tears. They told of how they thought they would never get their rights.

“What normally happens is when those with access to power and influence took advantage of the less privileged, nothing is done. Often times you have to leave it to God to judge. But this man stood firm until we, the under-privileged, got justice,” a beneficiary told Nigerian Sketch.

In the year 2003, a land area with identification TP/KASSEPA/216A at Yahaya Gusau, Ja’en was acquired by the government where 65 plots were created to amend the plan. The layout plan was designed, owners identified and issued compensation cards but ever since, the plan was not assented to, which left the owners stranded from their rightful compensations.

Land-grabbers saw the opportunity and went berserk, forging documents of all sorts that include grant letters and compensation cards. Some even started developing the plots unlawfully acquired.

On receipt of a complaint filed by the owners, PCACC swung into action, and over the course of the four years of investigation, mass fraud was discovered and extensive verification exercise had to be carried out to fish out the rightful owners from the encroachers.

Finally, 87 genuine land owners out of a hundred plus claimants got the compensation of their lands and the case come to final conclusion with them receiving compensation  in accordance with what they called “a 50/50 compensation formula.”



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