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Foreman Outshines Tyson as Hardest Puncher in Boxing History

George Foreman outshines Mike Tyson as he emerged top in the list of the 10 hardest-hitting heavyweight boxers of all time.

The Daily Mirror compiled the rankings and put Foreman top of a star-studded list of historical boxers, both past and present.

Now aged 71, Foreman outshines Tyson in the ranking as he is known to have emerged the heavyweight champion of the world twice in his commendable professional boxing career and was known for his destructive punching capacity

George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Hardest Puncher, Boxing History
Foreman was well known for landing heavy punches

Nigerian Sketch observed that he was involved in 81 professional fights times out of which he garnered 76 eye-popping victories, 68 of them coming by way of knockout.

His fight against Joe Frazier and Ken Norton remain memorable as his hard punches mauled the two to give him what was then referred to as ‘shocking’ victories.

The newspaper said the ranking, which was decided by boxing fans, put Tyson in the second position, finishing behind Foreman.

George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Hardest Puncher, Boxing History
Tyson downed champions with killer punches in the 80s

Tyson, now 54, has ‘killer’ punching which sent a number of his opponents to the canvass in early rounds in the 80s. He also garnered a worthy knockout record of 44 in 58 professional fights.

The newspaper observed that Tyson “wouldn’t hit with one punch, he sprayed you with four or five at speed, tearing people apart.”

More surprisingly, Deontay Wilder, who has a superior knockout record over Tyson in their first 42 fights, ranked 10th on the list.

George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Hardest Puncher, Boxing History
Wilder boasts of being better than Tyson, but was voted nine places behind the former champion

Wilder, 34, has a whopping 41 knockout victories in 44 professional bouts. Also, his only defeat came in February against his archrival rival, Tyson Fury.

The newspaper holds a scathing opinion of Wilder’s real capacities in the ring, saying his he came up against opponents that are not tough enough.

The Mirror’s picks for the 10 biggest punchers in heavyweight history:

  1. George Foreman
  2. Mike Tyson
  3. Earnie Shavers
  4. Jack Johnson
  5. Jack Dempsey
  6. Joe Louis
  7. Rocky Marciano
  8. Sonny Liston
  9. Lennox Lewis
  10. Deontay Wilder

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