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Former Kano Chief Judge Shehu Atiku Dies

Former Kano Chief Judge Shehu Atku Dies

Former Kano State Chief Judge, Justice Shehu Atiku, has been confirmed dead by the Kano State judiciary spokesman, Baba Jibo Ibrahim on Sunday.

The spokesman said in statement he issued late Sunday said that the late Chief Judge died as a result of a brief illness.

Information has it that the late Justice Atiku would be buried Monday morning around 10am at Umar Ibn Khattab mosque, around Dangi roundabout while condolences shall be received at his residence along Sokoto Road in Kano metropolis.

Nigerian Sketch recalls that late Atiku was famously known for his role in the failed banks tribunal in which he was very impressively uncompromising despite various attempts to to tempt him with money.

He was also said to have refused to bow to threats on his life as he diligently adjudicated on cases brought before the tribunal over which he presided.

He was afflicted with partial paralysis some time after the tribunal has been rounded off, and some attributed it to the diabolical involvement of some of the highly-placed suspects who appeared before him.

But late Justice Atiku was not slowed down by the ailment, and was able to overcome its effect, as he continued to serve until his retirement.

He retired from the bench in 2015 as the Chief Judge of the state.

The late chief Judge was known as a humble and easy-going person whose humility was very disarming. He was liked for his simplicity and sociable attributes.

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