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Ganduje Abhors PCACC’s Peek into Wife’s Deals, Moves to Remove Chairman

Ganduje Abhors PCACC’s Peek into Wife’s Deals, Moves to Remove Chairman

This is not the best of times for the chairman of Kano State Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC), Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado.

For a chairman whose commission Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has been eulogizing as one of the most performing in his administration to suddenly come into collusion course with the same governor must be traumatic.

Recall that Muhuyi himself has always been touchy when issues around investigating the governor’s alleged involvement in bribery was raised.

He recently heatedly reacted to a story published by Nigerian Sketch by saying the videos showing the governor allegedly collecting kick-backs from a contractor was fake.

He also said no governor in Nigeria has supported the fight against corruption like Ganduje.

However, the governor has reportedly initiated moves to get rid of Muhuyi who he now considers to be a pestering nuisance.

But why?

Reports that have been circulating claim that the governor had requested that the PCACC chairman be probed over alleged corrupt tendencies.

One Nigerian daily said Muhuyi’s lifestyle has changed significantly, and that his legitimate earnings can not provide the cars he rides and the houses he built.

The governor was said to be concerned about the chairman’s excesses and wanted him probed and, if found wanting, removed.

Nigerian Sketch however dug beyond the surface to unravel the main cause of the acrimony between the two.

An impeccable source at the Government House, Kano revealed to Nigerian Sketch that Muhuyi’s lifestyle and alleged financial excesses are not the governor’s concern.

“Tell that to the birds. Our boss, the governor, is never bothered with all that. His major concern was that Muhuyi was beginning to step into uncharitable areas. Call it no-go areas if you like.

“I will tell you where the trouble started. Sometime last year, there were these complaints about Kano State students in foreign universities who became stranded because their fees were not paid.

The government had approved the release of all their payments through a third party but the monies did not get to the students. So, the governor mandated Muhuyi to go to Egypt and Sudan to get to the roots of the matter.”

Our source added that the students were eventually paid their entitlements and when PCACC got to the third party who collected the initially approved money, it discovered he had a link with the governor’s wife, Dr Hfsat Umar Ganduje. He was said to have confessed that he remitted the money to her.

The PCACC chairman, of course, could not settle all other foreign students outside Egypt and Sudan, and when those students began to pester him for their entitlements, he released a statement to distance his office from scholarship issues, saying any student who has an issue with his tuition or other fees should report same to Kano State Scholarship Board.

Another source from Kano State ministry of finance revealed to Nigerian Sketch that PCACC had made series if enquires into government’s spending on various public utilities and discovered that his wife always has pecuniary interests in them.

The source said the commission had gotten details on how much money was being spent on the  beatification project on State Road to Emir’s Place; contract prelims of projects at Kano State Ministry of Works; and procurement of Alum at Kano State Water Resources.

He also said the much hyped Cancer Centre in the state was a money gulper and that PCACC had details of the execution of the project and those behind it.

At the ministry of agriculture and land, issues bothering on distribution of farmlands and allocation of plots had the visible hands of the first lady.

“That chap must be stopped because he has been trudging on delicate areas that the governor would not tolerate.”

As it is, Nigerian Sketch learnt from a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) that concerned members of the party who are associates of the governor have waded into the matter to get it resolved before it gets out of hand.

Muhuyi may have some respite in the meantime, but the underlying concerns may still rear their heads as more and more revelations about financial improprieties involving the first lady are revealed.

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