Governor Badaru appreciates Jigawa’s transformation in 31 years

Governor Badaru, Jigawa’s transformation, 31 years, Habibu Nuhu Kila
Jigawa State governor, Muhammad Badaru Abubakar

Governor Badaru appreciates Jigawa’s transformation in 31 years

Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa state has expressed his satisfaction with what he called the progressive transformation that the state has witnessed since its creation 31 years ago.

This was contained in a state broadcast to mark the 31st anniversary of the creation of Jigawa State, where he said the development achieved in the areas of both economic and social development were significant.

In a press release by his spokesman, Habibu Nuhu Kila, Governor Badaru as quoted to have said, “as of the time he assumed the mantle of leadership in 2015, the state has significantly been transformed relative to its underdeveloped status in the 1990s and since then, his administration has also worked assiduously to sustain the tempo of ongoing transformations particularly as regards the provision of infrastructure for economic development, sustained human capital development and most importantly, the pursuit of agricultural transformation as means of diversifying the state’s economy and a means of sustainable livelihoods for the people.”

Kila said “The Governor pointed out that seven years down the lane, the administration have also significantly contributed to the making of Jigawa state.

“According to him, last month, the State Bureau of Statistics have published report of the state Gross Domestic Product Survey it conducted in collaboration with the National Bureau of Statistic. The Survey results indicated tremendous progress in the value of the Jigawa state Economy in terms of GDP. From about N1.1 Trillion in 2015 to almost N2.26 Trillion in 2020.

“He applauded the contribution made by the past military administrators and civilian Governors and acknowledged fatherly advice and guidance from the Traditional leaders in the development of the state.

“While expressing his gratitude to Allah for all his favours and blessings, he also expressed profound gratitude to all existing and retired civil servants and officers that have selflessly served the state as well as Religious Leaders, the Ulamas, Forum of Jigawa Elders, the Civil Society Organization in the state, the Organized Private Sector, Development Partners and many other groups that have significantly contributed to the development of the state and to its Peace, Unity and Progress.”


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