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Gurdiola can’t still compare with Ferguson, Cruyff, Sachi despite Treble

Gurdiola can’t still compare with Ferguson, Cruyff, Sachi despite Treble

Pep Guardiola may have won treble this football season, he still cannot be categorized in the same league with managers likes Sir Alex Ferguson, Bill Shankly, Johan Cruyff and Arrigo Sacchi.

This is the view of a Nigerian sports analyst and publisher of News Point Nigeria, Sadiq Abdullateef

Nigerian Sketch reported earlier that Guillem Balague dropped an opinion that Pep Guardiola should be viewed as the greatest coach in the history of football regardless of whether or not Manchester City won the Champions League on Saturday.

Abdullateef however disagreed in a response he sent to Nigerian Sketch, saying “The only reason why there is even a debate about Guardiola as the best coach,  compared with these great coaches (Ferguson, Shankly, Cruyff and Sachi) is the fact that he has won two Champions League titles with Barcelona on the spine of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta… having spent millions of pounds to build a team of champions.

“He spent over 450 million pounds to build the current Man City team. Guardiola buys teams. It’s why he chooses to manage the best teams in every country. Barcelona. Bayern Munich. Manchester City.

“Frank Rikjkard won the Champions League before Guardiola took over in Barcelona, so he didn’t bring anything new to the team. Messi, Xavi and Iniesta made sure of that.

“In Bayern, the previous coach already won the Champions League before he took over and he spent three years and couldn’t win it, so he moved to Man City and this is his fifth year without the Holy Grail.

“He has won the Premier League five times but previous coaches also won the premier league for the club – nothing new.

Abdullateef set out what he considered the major difference in managerial acumen between Guardiola and the others. He said:

“But these great coaches, Ferguson, Cruyff and Sachi invented a new brand of footbal. They built teams from feeder boys and under 13s. They brought an entirely different style of play and won trophies with boys over and over and over again.

“Ferguson invented the 4-4-2 counter attack playing style. Cruyff invented total football and the tactical master Arrigo Sacchi invented the high-press football.

“The world was in awe of these great coaches and they won trophies with little expense. That’s why they re different.

“I will compare Pep with these coaches when he takes a football club with average budget, invent a style of play and win trophies”, he said


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