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How Dangote Group deceived Nigerians for years and wants to shift blames

How Dangote Group deceived Nigerians for years and wants to shift blames

Dangote Group has been caught pants down in a collaboration that has deceived Nigerians for years, and the multi-billion-naira company is now desperately looking for easy ways to extricate itself from blames.

At the height of outcries by Nigerians over the high cost of food in 2024, Dangote Group came out to say that the Dangote Flour, Dangote Spaghetti, Dangote Pasta and Dangote Semolina that are in the Nigerian markets are not produced by the company.

Nigerians have been buying products belonging to an entirely different company in the name of Dangote.

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According to the executive director of Dangote Group, Fatima Aliko Dangote, this deceit was part of the agreement between two companies: Dangote Group and Olam Company.

Fatima Aliko Dangote, Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, Deceit, Scam, Nigeria, Shift blames, Olam
Executive Drector, Dangote Group, Fatima Aliko Dangote

She revealed that Dangote no longer produced anything related to flour, having sold all its interests to Olam. But she exposed the deal to BBC Hausa on Thursday only when Nigerians began to blame her company for the high costs of its products.

She said Semolina, pasta and flour powder are no longer produced by the group for the past five years even though the products still bear Dangote’s name.

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“We did not disclose that we have sold our company to Olam for the past five years. We no longer produce flour and flour products like Spaghetti and Semovita.

“The products still bear our name because there was an agreement that Olam Company will continue to use our name for the mean time on these products.

In order to escape blames, she categorically disclosed that “The public should note that all the flour products in the market do not belong to Dangote Group.”

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She however failed to shift the blame in products like sugar, salt and cement.

According to her “We only produce sugar and salt and classic seasoning”, adding that their prices are determined by foreign exchange.

She said “raw sugar was imported from Brazil. Crude salt is also imported. Only cement raw materials are gotten here but then gas is bought in dollars, so also the trucks we use for delivery…”



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