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How to prevent sudden death, heart attack with just a nap

How to prevent sudden death, heart attack with just a nap

Sudden death from heart attack and other heart-related ailment is becoming so rampant to the extent of being scary.

And doctors said there are no drugs to prevent it. Perhaps only some habits can help in mitigating it to a reasonable degree.

Doctor Becky, popularly known as legal doctor, from Legalpedia, explained to lawyers in Nigeria that a nap once in a while can go a long way in preventing a heart attack.

She wrote:

Did you know there’s no pill to prevent heart disease, heart attacks and sudden death?

Yes, absolutely no medicine can be prescribed to prevent it.

There’s however a solution that has proved to reduce this occurrence by almost 68%. It’s so powerful that using it just once a week, can reduce the occurrence of sudden death by 42%.

Don’t you think it is something worth trying?

The problem though is that, it may compete with your current work schedule and daily routine.

But then again, how much is a long healthy life worth to you? I can hear you say; Priceless.

I thought so too.

So, what’s this thing that’s not a medication?

It’s simple nap.

How long should it last?

Anywhere from 20mins to an hour. The longer the better rested you feel.

You don’t have to do it every day. Even if you do it 3 times a day, it’s effective.

Now you know how to prevent sudden death. Would you take a nap?

Your body will thank you for it.

It’s Your Legal Doc,

Dr. Becky.


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