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HUNGER: Nigerian govt rejects food importation option

HUNGER: Nigerian govt rejects food importation option

The Nigerian government has stated that it will not give room for the importation of food items from other countries, emphasising that the country can feed itself.

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, made this known at a press briefing in Aso Villa, Abuja, on Thursday.

He said, “A decision has also been taken that, in the interest of our country, there will be no need for food importation at this point. Nigeria has the potential to feed itself and even be a net exporter of food items to other countries.

“The governors have also agreed to join hands with Mr President to deepen their own investment in the agricultural sector so that more food will be made available to Nigerians.

“Of course, this investment is not just in crop production; it is also in livestock development. All these is to ensure that food is available.”

Meanwhile, President Tinubu met with state governors on Thursday to discuss the current hardships in the country.

Recall that since President Tinubu took over the administrative headship of the country and announced, “Subsidy is gone,” the economy has witnessed a downward trend with the attendant hardship and high cost of living.

The situation has resulted in women and youth going to the street to protest, as well as an increase in criminal activities with heightened tension in the polity.

Although President Tinubu has directed his economic team, including all relevant officials in the government, to find a way to ameliorate the situation, the Special Presidential Committee on Emergency has been given approval to make available about 102,000 metric tonnes of assorted items, including rice, maize, and millet, among others.

The meeting was to provide solutions on how to mitigate the rising cost of food items, insecurity and other economic issues.


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