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‘I am not donating money to either candidate for US president’ – Elon  Musk

‘I am not donating money to either candidate for US president’ – Elon  Musk

The CEO of electric vehicle maker, Tesla, Elon Musk, has said he will not donate money to either Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump or Democratic President Joe Biden in this year’s election.

Musk said this on Wednesday, after meeting Trump in Florida on Tuesday.

Trump met with Musk, one of the world’s richest individuals, with a small group of other people in Florida over the weekend, according to Reuters, citing a source. Trump was said to be seeking a major cash infusion for his campaign.

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In a post on his social media platform X, Musk said: “Just to be super clear, I am not donating money to either candidate for US President.”

In 2022, Musk asked Americans to elect a Republican Congress in U.S. midterm elections in order to counterbalance Biden’s Democrats.

He has said on X that Biden is encouraging migrants to come to the United States so they can vote for Democrats, even though people without U.S. citizenship are not eligible to vote in federal elections.

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Earlier on Wednesday, Nikki Haley ended her long-shot challenge to Trump, ensuring he will be the Republican Party’s candidate in a rematch with Biden in November.


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