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“I won the election”, Donald Trump Proclaims

“I won the election”, Donald Trump Proclaims

US president, Donald Trump, on Monday declared himself the winner of November 3, 2020 US presidential election.

“I won the election”, Trump declared on his Twiter account at 7:08 Monday morning, giving the impression that he was not ready concede victory to his opponent who was said to have won with a record margin.Donald Trump, I won the election

Twitter however flagged his posting a moment after with a caveat that said “Official sources call this election differently.”

Since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been projected to have won the election on November 10, Biden had since declared victory and set up a transition team, and has also appointed Ron Klain as chief of staff.

Trump’s tweet this morning has followed the trend he has adopted since Sunday, when he first acknowledged Joe Biden was the winner of the election before claiming the victory was because the election was rigged.

He then later tweeted that he was not going to concede as he planned to file ‘big cases’ soon.

Those claims by Trump have been flagged by Twitter as ‘disputed.’


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