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Ibadan Court separates troublesome ‘wife’ from ‘husband’

Ibadan Court separates troublesome ‘wife’ from ‘husband’

A man, simply called Adebisi, has approached Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State seeking an end to the marriage between him and his wife, Abidemi whom he alleged was troublesome and quarrelsome.

Adebisi added that Abidemi was fond of raining curses on him and threatening him.

The plaintiff stated that the defendant had, on many occasions, locked him inside the house and denied him the freedom to go to work.

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Adebisi told the court he was fed up with the relationship with his wife and ready to call it a quit.

Abidemi pleaded guilty to the allegations brought against her, but refused that their marriage be dissolved.

She begged the court to please appeal to her husband on her behalf.

Adebisi, in his evidence, said: “My lord, if my wife continues to stay under my roof, she will kill me. I came to court because I can no longer condone her misbehaviour.

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“Abidemi was calm and reasonable while we were courting, but she changed immediately we went into marriage. My wife has no respect for me and has succeeded in wounding my ego.

“Abidemi has a caustic tongue which she uses in lashing at me any time we have a misunderstanding.

“She abuses me almost all the time and also rains curses on me.

“I find no comfort in our home because it is always boiling.

“Abidemi behaves like someone possessed. She will sometimes lock me up in our room after a fight and keep the key.

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“Nobody dares to mediate in our differences at moments like this because she will attack them.

“My wife would refuse that I went to the office on such occasions and thus put a question mark on my integrity at work.

“Abidemi, after a row, would sometimes seize the key to my car and deny me the opportunity of moving about with ease.

“I have reported her to her parents on several occasions, but she always called off their bluff any time they counseled her.

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“My wife of recent took to threatening to kill me.

“I am afraid she can make real her threat.

“My lord, Abidemi, did the unpardonable when she brought our differences before a radio programme.

“Abidemi told lies against me and exaggerated our issue, thus soiling my name and denting my image in the public.

“My lord, it is obvious we have gotten to the end of the road with regards to our marriage.

“I want a release from this bondage called marriage.

“I, therefore, pray that our union be dissolved.

“Our child is still young, so she can have her in her custody.

“I promise to give her N10,000 every month for her feeding.”

Wife responds

Abidemi, in her response, said, “My parents handed me over to my husband in marriage even though he did not pay my bride price.

“It is true that I always fight with my husband, but I promise to change.

“If my husband refuses to change his mind on divorce, then he should be ready to get me and our child a comfortable apartment and pay the rent of three years.

“He will also give our child N30,000 per month as feeding allowance since the prices of food have skyrocketed.

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“Lastly, the funding of her education will be his responsibility too.”

The verdict

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, giving her judgment after she had heard both parties, stated that no marriage existed between them since the plaintiff paid no bride price on the defendant.

According to Akintayo, both have been cohabiting for the years they lived together.

Both parties were ordered to be responsible for their child’s upkeep and maintain peace.

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