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ICICE DG, Committee of Imams Chair Advise Imams on Self-Reliance, Leadership by Example

ICICE DG, Committee of Imams Chair Advice Imams on Self-Reliance, Leadership by Example

The chairman, Committee of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Imams Initiative (CFCTII), Imam Dr Tajuddeen Muhammad Bello Adigun, has advised Imams to explore other available avenues permitted by Islam and the laws of the land to become self employed.

He gave the advise at the opening ceremony of a two-day workshop on “Leadership and Management” for FCT Imams organized by the International Centre for Islamic Culture and Education, ICICE, holding at the conference room of the Centre within the premises of Al-Noor Masjid in Wuse II, Abuja.
Dr Tajuddeen Adigun said gone are the days when Imams of Mosques will solely rely on pittances as allowances that are often not regular for survival whereas they have to live according to the economic realities prevalent in the society.

He said the ultimate remuneration for the Imams and any good deeds of a believer comes from the Allmighty Allah (SWT) but the Imams should live a reasonable life that will enable them attend to all family and self financial obligations and commitments rather than relying on charitable donations.

Chairman Committee of FCT Imams Initiative, Imam Dr Tajudeen Muhammad Bello Adigun

The Chairman of the FCT Committee of Imams said he would love to see (and he believes other members of the public would also be in his league) Imams and other religious leaders in the forefront of paying Zakkat and Sadaq, Sponsoring indigents to perform Hajj and other charitable duties. “They should lead by example”, he maintained.

Dr Adigun said these would only be possible if the Imams will combine their Scholarly assignments with other equally lawful means of additional source of income.

He suggested for the Imams to engage in Farming, Business (Trading), Mudaraba (Special Kind of Partnership), Muzara’a (Share Cropping), Musharka (Sharing), Publishing (for sale) Brochure about their Organizations, (Honorarium from) Special Event invitations, Newsletter, Newspaper clippings about your Organizations, Video about your Organizations, Slide show about your Organizations, etc.

In his speech at the occasion, the director-general and CEO of the ICICE (the custodians of Al-Noor Masjid) Dr Kabir Kabo Usman, said good managers should strive to be good leaders and good leaders need management skills to be effective.

He said leaders should have a vision of what can be achieved and then communicate to others and evolve strategies for realizing the vision adding that leaders motivate people and are able to negotiate for resources and other support to achieve their goals.

The DG’s Special Assistant (Media and Publicity), Abdulkadir Ahmed Ibrahim, FNGE quoted him in a press release issued on Sunday to have said “Leadership is an “Amanah” (a trust) and the job of the leader is to discharge this responsibility to the best of his abilities. Failure to do so will render him liable before Allah on the Day of Judgment. In the Islamic system, a person does not seek leadership; it is entrusted to him because it is a grave responsibility”.

He also quoted him in the release said “The most important task of a leader, however, is to implement the laws of Allah on earth. This is the ultimate mission of man as Allah’s khalifah (vicegerent) on earth. The Prophet’s “Seerah” offers the best and most comprehensive guide and model to achieve this.

Dr Kabir Kabo Usman, ICICE DG, Self-reliance, Leadership, FCT Imams
DG, ICICE, Dr Kabir Kabo Usman

Dr Kabir Kabo concluded that “The aim of good management is to provide services to the community in an appropriate, efficient, equitable, and sustainable manner” and these “can only be achieved if key resources for service provision, including human resources, finances, etc. are brought together at the point of service delivery and are carefully synchronized.”


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