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Islamic provisions on inheritance should remain inviolable – Imam Sharafuddeen Aliagan

Islamic provisions on inheritance should remain inviolable 

Nigerian Muslims have been called upon to be steadfast in their adherence to Islamic provisions on inheritance.

This call was made by the founder of Ashraaf Islamic Foundation, Imam Sharafudeen Abdussalam Aliagan, during the foundation’s 6th Annual Maulud Nnabiy Lecture series 2023 (1445AH) with the theme “Inheritance: Dissecting a Sensitive but Critical Aspect of Human Life” on Saturday in Abuja.

Sharafuddeen enjoined Muslims to strictly adhere to Allah’s law and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) concerning inheritance.

He said disregarding the scriptural and prophetic guidelines regarding inheritance constitutes disobedience that can lead to chaos, acrimony and mistrust in the society.

He further said regardless of religion, age and gender, inheritance affect all aspects of our lives, adding that people are invited for the lecture to dissect the significance of inheritance and what Allah and the Holy Qur’an prescribed on sharing.

Aliagan asserted that some of the negative effects of not adhering to the Islamic provisions on inheritance has caused disunity, dispute and defiance among families and communities across the globe.

In his word, “It is the right of a Muslim to share in the wealth of a late father, wife, children, etc. So, no one should stop them from inheritance, because this kind of issue tears families apart.

“At the family level, we should not remain Muslims only by name, because if we fail to go by the laws of Allah in the Holy Qur’an, then we are not complete Muslims.


“My call to them is let’s adhere to the rules of Allah, Holy Qur’an and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Pbh). That makes you a complete Muslim, to have a total submission to the will of Allah. You cannot be a Muslim and accept only some aspects of Islam.

“To the Ulamas and Alkalis or judges, they have a lot to do. It is only when there is conflict in family that it is referred to the judiciary.

“The Judges should be truthful. They should not take anything called kick back, because if they do, what happened to the late person will happen to them, even as a lawyer, judge or whoever you are.

“Let us all fear Allah and understand the concept of Islam and inheritance as it affect human life,” Aliagan stressed.

The Chairman of Board of Directors of JAIZ Bank Plc, Alhaji Mohammed Bintube, said the theme was topical.

According to him, everyone regardless of religion and tribe is affected by inheritance.

“You know, whenever there is money, power and influence involved, there is always infighting, intimidation and insincerity. That is why this conference is important.

“The people that benefit from inheritance should know that it is a trust given to them by Allah. They should make sure it not only multiplied but it goes round to help themselves, families, communities, relations and the country.

“For that people have inheritance issues, they should be patient, secondly, they should refer it to scholars or go to Alternative Arbitration before going to the legal system,  because the legal system is long and costly.

“And it also brings a lot of emotional disturbance. So, they have to be patient and submit to the laws of Allah. It is Allah that prescribed how inheritance should be distributed,” Bintube said.

A Christian Cleric, Fr. Stephen Ojaypa, who attended the occasion from the Rev. Kukah Centre, said nobody want to be left alone in the issue of inheritance.

According to Ojaypa, the same dynamic that happens in Christianity concerning inheritance is same that happens in Islam, noting that it also exists among members of different tribes and social strata.

“I will like to look at inheritance from the angle of humanity and not religion. If it favours some people, they will want to be selfish, and if it does not favour them, they will fight to any level..

“We need a national movement that will encourage the writing of will and testament. That will go a long way to help solve some of the issues people are facing in matters of inheritance,” Ojaypa emphasised.


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