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‘JAGABA, PLEASE JA-BAYA’: Kano citizens invent new catchphrase for Tinubu’s ‘painful’ policies

‘JAGABA, PLEASE JA-BAYA’: Kano citizens invent new catchphrase for Tinubu’s ‘painful’ policies

The more the economic policies of the Nigerian government bite, citizens of the populous African country continue to wriggle as they find ways to disrate the excruciating effects.

More than any other thing, feeding has become difficult for most families, as other basic human needs have become practically unattainable for the majority.

While the resulting hunger rages on, insecurity has joined the fray to make life more difficult to live in Nigeria.

Economists say all these were occasioned by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank-induced policies of abrupt subsidy removal and monetary devaluation which President Bola Tinubu himself acknowledged in 2012 will cause hardship.

Tinubu wrote then that “Subsidy removal will increase costs across the board. However, salaries will not increase. This means demand for goods will lessen as will sales volumes and overall economic activity. The removal will have a recessionary impact on the economy as a whole. While some will benefit from the removal, most will experience setback.”

While the anguish of Nigerians increases by the day as he predicted, calls have been made to the president to ease his blind faith in the IMF and the World Bank.

In the Nigerian northern state of Kano, where the popular campaign song ‘Jagaba shi ne gaba’ originated, citizens have already invented a new catch-phrase: ‘Ja baya’.

Jagaba could be translated to mean leader of a movement or a community while ‘Ja baya’ means to reverse or undo something.

It was a desperate call on the president to either discontinue some of his policies, rework them or to go back to prepare well for them.

It could also be seen as a clarion call to the president surmount courage to negate the IMF and the World Bank, in the manner he once wrote that “There has been no nation on the face of the planet that has developed or achieved long-term prosperity by devotion to conservative, ultra-free market economic ideas …”

At some major markets in Kano on Saturday, Nigerian Sketch reporters met commodity sellers lamenting about low patronage, and urging the president to ‘Ja baya’ with the policies causing them ‘bad market’.

Buyers and sellers at Yankaba, Kurmi, Rimi, Yankura and Sabongari markets freely use the catchphrase as a lamentation as well humour.


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