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KANO APC LEADERSHIP TUSSLE: AG Argues Law at Government House, Says FCT High Court was Biased

KANO APC LEADERSHIP TUSSLE: AG Argues Law at Government House, Says FCT High Court was Biased  

The attorney-general of Kano State, M. A. Lawan, let lose a barrage of abuse on the FCT High Court that ruled on the leadership matter involving two factions of the Kano State All Progressive Congress (APC) recently.

The court’s decision on Friday declared the local government congress conducted by the state governor’s faction of APC as null.

In a video clip that as widely circulated Sunday night, the AG was seen and heard saying clearly that the court had some ulterior motive (wata nufaka) for which it did not consider his team’s defense.

He brought before his audience copies of the record of proceedings.

Lawan was trying to convince visibly distraught party members sympathetic to the state governor that he knew what he was doing and that his team of lawyers will get favourable judgement on appeal.

He attempted to explain to his audience, consisting mainly of politicians, some technicalities he thought could have swung the judgement in the governor’s faction’s favour.

He talked about Nigerian and APC constitutional provisions, jurisdiction and sundry other issues, but the catch in his speech was that the court’s decisions were not based on the law.

He said the decisions were biased and self-centered, stressing in Hausa that “…Wannan hukunci ne da aka yi, Wallahi, Wallahi na san rai. Hukunci ne na san rai. Hukunci ne na san zuciya.”

He claimed that legal analysts have continued to condemn the decisions which he said were grossly without any legal basis.

He told his listeners that his team has already appealed to the Court of Appeal, and assured them of victory.

The gathering during which the AG said all of the above was alleged to have taken place at the Kano State Government House in Kano Sunday night.


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