Kano-Based Lawyer Calls for Arraignment of Abduljabbar Kabara

Abduljabbar Kabara, Muhammad Yakasai, Arraignment
Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara

Kano-Based Lawyer Calls for Arraignment of Abduljabbar Kabara 

A Kano-based lawyer, Ma’ruf Muhammad Yakasai, has threatened to sue Kano State government, the state House of Assembly and others if the planned debate between the suspended preacher, Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara and other Islamic scholars, proceeded without first obtaining the leave of the court.

Yakasai told Nigerian Sketch that “Inasmuch as I am not against any move to settle things, I must say that there is a case before the court, with an order issued by a Magistrate restraining this man from further preaching. Therefore, we are not saying there should not be settlement, but the position is that the procedure has to be completed.

“The man has to be arraigned before the court where he may make a prayer that he wants to sit with all ulamas for whatever reason so that the court may grant his application if it deems fit. The state would also be represented at the court sitting.”

Ma’ruf Muhammad Yakasai, Arraignment,  Abduljabbar Kabara, Threatens to Sue Govt
Ma’ruf Muhammad Yakasai

He added that “the press statement issued by the state government that there was going to be a debate between Abduljabbar and other Islamic scholars could be contempt if the proper thing was not done.

“There is a court order and there is a procedure which must be followed. Any other thing to be done, no matter how well-intentioned, should not be done without exhausting the required procedure. Otherwise, anything done will amount to contempt of court.”

According to him, “I have already prepared a motion in which I will be suing the state government, the governor, the Ulama, Abduljabbar, Kano State House of Assembly and the Speaker if they dare make any move on Abduljabbar’s banning without obtaining the leave of court.”


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  1. I do not see any reason for dialogue with Abduljabbar because his offences are offences against the Creator. So my advise is whatever the Sharia law provides for such kind of offences the punishment should be strictly applied to Abduljabbar. Do not pity or show mercy on him.


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