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Kano Governorship Aspirant, Barau Jibrin, in Public Fund Diversion Scandal

Kano Governorship Aspirant, Barau Jibrin, in Public Fund Diversion Scandal

A leading All Progressive Congress (APC) chieftain aiming to contest for the governorship of Kano State in 2023, Barau Jibrin, has been accused of money laundering and budget fraud.

He was also accused of diverting public fund to his private pocket, illegally enriching his children in the process.

Presently representing Kano North senatorial district, Jibrin, has been accused of using his office as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to perpetrate budget fraud and unlawfully enrich himself and his children.

A petition by the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) dated October 7, 2021 and submitted to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) alleged that the senator uses companies registered in the names of his children and cronies for the execution many constituency projects, an act which, by law, is improper.

Signed by the NYCN president, Isah Abubakar, the petition named the senator’s children; Jibrin Zainab, Jibrin Shawal and Jibrin Khalil as part of the directors of private companies through which he cornered government contracts and launder public funds.

Senator Jibrin is presently the chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriation.

The petition listed some of the companies he owns and uses to divert public funds to include Sinti Nigeria Limited (RC 398938) and Engr. Jibril Power Electrical Engineering (BN 2431830). His children are directors in the companies.

Some of his children also own private business entities of their own.

For instance, the petition alleged that Khalil Jibrin owns Talgo Luxury Estate Investment Nig Ltd (RC1312306), Zainab Jibrin owns Zajib Multi-Purpose Business Stores (BN2637321).

The petition went further to give details of some of the contracts undertaken by these companies, most of which emanated from government through the senator’s influence.

For instance, the contract for the completion of 13 Study Centers in Kano North Senatorial District, captured in the 2020 budget with Code ERGP22582428 at the cost of N430, 000,000 under the ministry of education was carried out by the Senator’s company.

The petitioners believe the contract was obtained through the senator’s contacts as the chairman, Senate Committee on Tertiary Education in the 8th Senate.

What’s more, the petition alleged that despite the illegality of the contract award, the project was not even completed despite the payment of the cost by the federal government.

“We can confirm that the contract was awarded to SINITI NIGERIA LIMITED due to the Senator’s influence. The project has since been abandoned. Yet the money for the project has been paid by the Federal Government. The Senator has since diverted the money to his personal use to the detriment of the good people of Kano North Senatorial District,” the petition said.

The petition also claimed that Jibrin had padded the budget of the secretary to the government of the federation “to illegally include the sum of N40, 000,000 with Budget Code No ERGP86582461 for the purpose of conducting medical outreach in Kano North Senatorial District”.

It said “The funds were released at the height of COVID-19 pandemic, particularly during the nationwide lockdown and when medical personnel were overstretched and unable to embark on medical outreach. The money has since been diverted by the Senator with his cronies.”

Further allegations were that “The Senator also benefited directly from the contract for the repairs and rehabilitation of Getso Dam Kano North Senatorial district, captured in the 2020 budget as ERGP 22583468 under the Ministry of Water Resources.

“The third trench payment made was the sum of N16, 000, 000 (Sixteen Million Naira). The dam is still in its state of dilapidation. There is no repair or rehabilitation on the dam.

“We are also deeply concerned that the Senator and his children are presently in possession of abundance of wealth that surpasses the legitimate income of the Senator.

“We believe the commission is well equipped and skilled to trace the wealth and return it to the coffers of the Government where it belongs,” it said.

The petition also alleged that the senator had received kickbacks through his children and their fictitious companies, saying that the Talgo Luxury Estate Investment Nig Ltd has a registered address in Niger State whereas Zajib Multi-Purpose Business Stores has a registered address in Kogi state.

“They do not run any serious businesses that warrant the millions they are keeping in their various bank accounts,” the group added.

An associate of the senator who declined to be named said the politician has not committed any crime by owning private companies. He also said the senator’s children are Nigerians who have right to run their various businesses.

“As for the allegations of diversion, that’s just a claim that has not been substantiated,” he said.


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