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Kano High Court Orders Rogo Local Council to Reinstate Sacked Vice Chairman, Pay Damages

Kano High Court Orders Rogo Local Council to Reinstate Sacked Vice Chairman, Pay Damages

A Kano State High Court has ordered the Rogo local government council and chairman of the council, Mubarak Bashir Bello, to pay all outstanding salaries, accrued allowances and all other entitlements due to the embattled erstwhile vice chairman of the council, Nasiru Dalha Rogo, who the court said was wrongly suspended.

The court, presided over by Hon. Justice Nasiru Saminu, also awarded the sum of N2 million general and exemplary damages in favour of the suspended vice chairman against the defendants for “illegal and unconstitutional suspension and removal from office as vice chairman Rogo local government.”

Rogo had rushed to the court after he was suspended through a letter dated 26th June, 2020, in which he was purportedly suspended “from the office of vice chairman for a period of Six (6) Months as result of the alleged abuse of power and gross misconduct leveled against you.”

The court said in its judgement that his suspension was “a violation of his right to fair hearing and was done in contravention of Section 55 of the Kano State local government Law 2006”, and that his tenure “as vice chairman of the 1st Defendant Rogo local government is still valid and subsisting.”

The court therefore granted an order to set aside “the purported suspension of Hon. Nasiru Dalha Rogo from carrying out his Constitutional duties as the vice chairman of Rogo Local Government for being illegal, unconstitutional null and void.”

Also, an order was granted setting aside the actions taken by the defendants “to wit; swearing in one Surajo Sabiu or any other person as vice chairman of Rogo local government, while equally ordering the defendants to reinstate the plaintiff as the vice chairman of the council.”

Nigerian Sketch findings reveled that so far, the local government council and the chairman have not complied with the orders of the court since the judgement was given on December 14, 2020.


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